The Unjust Steward

The future never comes. When it comes, it’s in the now. The past never happened until you remember it. So you…yes YOU CAN CHOOSE to remember something better if you want to. Be like the unjust steward in Jesus parable (luke 16) that called his master’s debtors and made them reduce their debt so that … Continue reading The Unjust Steward

Simplifying Vibrations

Let’s take a look at this interesting picture I drew. Awesome right? The drawing is quite self explanatory. Vibrationsss……………sssimplified. Tah tah taaahn! But I still have to write something so here it goes. The lines drawn represents levels of vibrations. The infinity sign, ∞ , extends both ways. In this post, let’s focus on just … Continue reading Simplifying Vibrations

Become No One

For those who are on a spiritual path. “No one can see God” No one can see God (I AM) so be no one. Your identification with self is what keeps you from ultimate spirituality. The I or self is what wants to see God. This I or self, wants to know itself to be … Continue reading Become No One