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Law Of Attraction – The Woman Teaches

The physical matrix is a shadow of spiritual reality. Imagination is reality while the physical matrix is the fantasy. Sooner or later, we all leave the fantasy behind as we begin to remember who we really are. Right now, however, we want to attract different things into our lives. I’m going to hope that none […]


The Right Human Development

It all starts when the sperm fertilizes the egg … … a child is born. A new temporary expression of the divine live comes into existence. A brand new, absolutely unique being. No one has been like this expression and no one will ever be. The most important things in life cannot be taught. This […]


Relative Awareness And Your Partner (2)

I advice a quick read from part one here. Let’s talk about the conscious mind. If you’ve ever said, it’s a man’s world, you are a bit right. It’s a world of consciousness. The conscious mind is represented by the man. To understand the consciousness mind better, we need to add some more meanings to […]

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Relative Awareness and Your Partner (1)

Understand this and have ze most beautiful relationship with your partner ever. It is ze secret of ze perfect relationship. What I would do is to generalize the whole concept. In other words, I simply lay the foundation. You will have to build the structure based on the uniqueness of the individual. Relative awareness – […]


Love To Those Who Don’t Deserve It

The “if you don’t treat me right, I wont treat you right” mindset is the root cause of ALL of the problems we encounter and observe around our environment and world. Also the assumption that a fellow human isn’t treating you right therefore, you will not treat them right. It makes sense to give to […]