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Heaven and Hell

Today, while present in the moment, I began to have the experience of seeing God or Infinity in everything. The lights, the wall, the chairs, the mirror, the space in between etc. Although, I have had quite a few experiences of seeing God (or the Primordial energies) in everything, it always is fresh, new and […]

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The Child’s Toy

You have heard the saying that you are your own worst enemy…may I rephrase that and say you are your only enemy. There is no enemy outside you. The enemy that has taken a form outside of you is you trying to play with yourself (not in that way). But even that is still a […]


Become No One

For those who are on a spiritual path. “No one can see God” No one can see God (I AM) so be no one. Your identification with self is what keeps you from ultimate spirituality. The I or self is what wants to see God. This I or self, wants to know itself to be […]