Short Text – Life

The only life that exist … really exist … is your consciousness. The thing within you that makes you aware of yourself. That thing that makes you know that you are. Every other thing, both seen or unseen, real or imaginary, facts or lies … is imagination. All things created arises from this consciousness … … Continue reading Short Text – Life

Life Without The Ego

Let me paint a glorious scenerio for you, shall I? Without the Ego, there will be no judgment. Without judgment, there will be no fear. Without fear, there is no self identity. Without self, there is nothing to achieve or protect. Without nothing to achieve or protect, there will be no systems (government, school, religious, … Continue reading Life Without The Ego

Your View Of The World

When you have any thought processes or emotions within, you’ll receive confirmation of all those things without. If you have negative thinking processes about a particular thing consciously or unconsciously, that thinking pattern is reflected in the world around you. Your bf/gf irritates you, your wife/husband wants a divorce, your kids are frustrating, your boss … Continue reading Your View Of The World