The Right Human Development

It all starts when the sperm fertilizes the egg … … a child is born. A new temporary expression of the divine live comes into existence. A brand new, absolutely unique being. No one has been like this expression and no one will ever be. The most important things in life cannot be taught. This […]

Life Love

Your Experiences Are Yours Only

When people have experiences, especially my African people, there is the general assumption that you have to share your experiences with others … you know, so they can learn from your mistakes and take a different route – usually the ones you have judged as best. This ideology comes from a well-meaning yet ignorant heart. […]


Being Best Friends With Your Partner

…and it’s really easy to be really close friends. Friends are those ones who open up and are free with you. The more they are open to you, the closer and truer they are, vice versa. If you claim to be a close true friend of another and you act like you have something to […]