God Life

Heaven and Hell

Today, while present in the moment, I began to have the experience of seeing God or Infinity in everything. The lights, the wall, the chairs, the mirror, the space in between etc. Although, I have had quite a few experiences of seeing God (or the Primordial energies) in everything, it always is fresh, new and […]

Life Love

Your Experiences Are Yours Only

When people have experiences, especially my African people, there is the general assumption that you have to share your experiences with others … you know, so they can learn from your mistakes and take a different route – usually the ones you have judged as best. This ideology comes from a well-meaning yet ignorant heart. […]


Be Thankful

Real quick. I asked myself some weeks ago this: If I’m the creator of my reality, the I AM, then who am I thanking when I say, thank you? I got the answer today. You are the observer and architect of your reality. You are also the creator of your reality. Your own role however, […]