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The Second Commandment and Feelings

You might learn something about creating the reality you want. Today was really eye opening for me as I began to understand why the Ego, which constitute who we think we are and every other negative reality we might think of, including evil powers, demons etc. I hope to show you how you could be […]

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The Story Killeth (2)

The spirit is what you cannot see. First your thought, emotions and the place that produces these things. Concerning the spirit: while the thought is produced from a place within us, the emotions is produced from us directly – we can feel it. The emotions brings about the reality of this place. The emotions has […]


Simplifying Vibrations

Let’s take a look at this interesting picture I drew. Awesome right? The drawing is quite self explanatory. Vibrationsss……………sssimplified. Tah tah taaahn! But I still have to write something so here it goes. The lines drawn represents levels of vibrations. The infinity sign, ∞ , extends both ways. In this post, let’s focus on just […]