All That Is

God is All That Is. God is UNCONDITIONAL Love. Don’t create God in your image. Rather let your image reflect the Infinite One i.e. Infinite One being All That Is which is God. Is it? Yes it is. Then it is part of All That Is. Is it not? No it isn’t. How is that […]

God Life

Happy New Month and Samadhi

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I feel it is important to learn how to meditate properly so as to start the new year with the practice. For that I have linked to this post the best videos that explain the importance of meditation and what samadhi is. Invest this month in learning and begin the new year with […]

God Life Love

Law Of Attraction – The Woman Teaches

The physical matrix is a shadow of spiritual reality. Imagination is reality while the physical matrix is the fantasy. Sooner or later, we all leave the fantasy behind as we begin to remember who we really are. Right now, however, we want to attract different things into our lives. I’m going to hope that none […]


Law Of Attraction – Money

Observe carefully and notice the negative thought patterns that surrounds the emotions (positive or negative) as regards money. Observe carefully your own thoughts on money and understand the ‘why’ you might be silently asking yourself when it relates money. Hi. Hi there, hope you are doing great and having a wonderful time? If there is […]

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Everything Is Perfect

The purpose of all physical things is for you to interact with who you say you are. Emi’el You are perfectYour body is perfectYour mind is perfectYour soul is perfectYour reality is perfect Your imperfections are perfect At no point were you imperfectEven when you thought you were imperfectThat was also perfect Your dislikes are […]