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(Using bible’s story) All creation has been completed from the foundation of the world. There is nothing left to do except to enjoy life. Unfortunately on the seventh day, man decided to take out the knowledge used for creating things and created disaster for themselves. The knowledge was for the Elohims, not man. But man would never grow to become Elohims without passing through the wilderness. This is the eighth day. It is the day of new beginnings. This is the appointed time. Now is the day of salvation.

A little preamble there:

Okay, let’s do this.

The craziest thing about widespread knowledge is that it is quickly and easily corrupted. Hence my admonition – allow my post to lead you to the Merciful Unknown. My posts are not truths they will lead to The Truth which is within you. Widespread knowledge like the laws of attraction. Understand that you cannot attract anything. You are already everything in this moment. You can be in two states: the state that knows this and the state that does not know this. Whichever state you are, it will be reflected to you by you. The law of attraction is the law of reflection. Hence you are asked, ‘what would it feel like, if you already are, have or do what you want?’. As soon as you feel it and take that feeling as your reality, “your life” will reflect it soon.

All creation is complete. You are not creating anything at all. You have done that already. What you are doing now is moving through parallel realities. It is this movement that creates the illusion of movement. So you are at this moment moving through parallel realities. How do I know this? Through meditation. But we can also know this by asking logical questions.

There is something inside of you that you are sure is you. This something cannot be described but you are well aware that this something has been like that from the day you became self aware till date. Everything has changed, even your body and your mind, but this thing remains the same. Can you feel it? Can you feel that knowing? Well, if it is true that this thing has remained the same since you became self conscious, it must then mean that it is unchanging and was probably there when you were a baby and it could probably be there when death comes. One could very roughly say that this thing might just be the real thing while all that changes is the play. Like when you are at the cinema, there is a difference between you the observer and the observed. You, the observer, are always observing the changing phenomenon on the screen. The movie, which is the observed is always changing. Does this make sense? Well, the law is more understood when you know how the illusion works.

All infinite possibilities are at this moment within you. You don’t need to do anything on the outside to bring about a change in your life. You need ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from the outside to live your best life. You need not take permission from anyone.

ALL POWERS AND BEINGS will conform to your imaginal act. Nothing outside has power over you except you give it/them such power.

If your bf is misbehaving and you like him, don’t discuss with him with the idea that he might know and change. That is impossible. Simply go within and jump into a parallel reality where your bf is a great guy. If your boss gets you angry so much, stop making judgement. Simply go within and shift into a reality were he/she loves you so much. If you feel having a new car would be nice but you don’t have enough, you suspend your judgement and go within. There is already a reality where you have the car. Simply jump into that reality immediately. Don’t wait for permission. Don’t wait till you see it or taste it or feel it or hear it or perceive it. Have it now.

But how will it come? But I cannot see it. I try to do it but … but … but … BUT!

Hey do you have it now? No, I don’t 😒.

Well, good for you.

Hey, do you have it now? Yes, I do! So what is the problem?

But I …

How can you say but when you already have it?

For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry. Hab 2:3 (KJV)

I wish to go into why what you want comes late at times, but not here. The summary is that it comes late because you are in love with yourself which is the All That Is.

Infinity is within you. This infinity within you is the reality. The infinity outside is a mirror of the infinite within you. This mirror can only reflect the part of infinity you are focused on within. As soon as you change your focus within, instantly, that reality is just as real but it will take the infinity outside (because of love and coexisting with other beings and of course how clear your focus/attention is), to change your illusion to fit your reality. So I say to you, do not enjoy your reality without. That is not where to do so. You enjoy your reality within, you observe your reality without.

You enjoy your reality within, you observe your reality without.


When you make judgement on the things outside, it means you are trying to enjoy your reality without. It will backfire.

How do you jump from one parallel reality to the other? It very simple. Just ask yourself, how will it feel like? You see, like I said earlier, you are eternally moving through parallel realities. If you read to this point, may I tell you that there are realities where you just read the post’s heading and didn’t open it, where you just read the first paragraph etc. If you can think it, the parallel reality where it is already realized exists. It doesn’t matter how crazy, fantastical, twisted or fabulous they are. If you can think it, it exist. Now how would it feel like if you are now the man/woman you want to be? Go into the feeling. Dwell there. Let that feeling become your new state of normal and your divine ego (the universe) will do the rest.

You are of course blessed.

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