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Ego, Eternity and This Moment

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The programming is strong and the ego ever restless, always looking for the next shiny thing. But you must discipline yourself to enjoy life … every part of it … every single moment. For everything that surrounds you in this moment is infinity.


The programming is strong and the ego ever restless, always looking for the next shiny thing. But you must discipline yourself to enjoy life … every part of it … every single moment. For everything that surrounds you in this moment is infinity. What is this shiny thing the ego is always after? Well, it depends on the ego itself but I will give examples:

The shiny thing could be a better job, a better house, a more sexy or hardworking wife, a more rich and understanding husband, more love, more happiness, more money … anything … everything. It could also be an enlightened experience, etc. This desire for the ego to pursue a desire stops you from enjoying yourself in this moment since the ego keeps preaching that when that thing comes, then, you will be happy.

The personal ego, the I, comes into existence or awareness when Awareness places its attention on the ego. Once placed, the ego automatically realizes that it is not real and its reality depends on the continuous attention from Awareness. For this reason, the ego invented an illusion called time. A past and a future (mind you, there is no time in the present moment. You can’t find it here. You need to think in other for time to appear. Thinking is an activity that needs you to go into your supposed past experiences for execution). But how does this illusory thing called time works?

Understand that you are pure Awareness. That is all You are. You are Awareness being aware of a unique point of view of Awareness. This point of view will remain from everlasting to everlasting. Awareness is always at one eternal spot (there is no where to go to as everywhere is here) and at this eternal spot, all existing is experienced from this unique point of view. Awareness has an infinite number of unique points from which It experiences All of Itself. These unique points never dies, it wasn’t born. This unique spot has been there forever and ever through past lives, past civilizations, past experiences … ever observing, ever enjoying. Everything this unique point experiences changes. They are always eternally changing but this unique point doesn’t change. It can make itself forget It’s true nature sometimes by identifying itself with a particular changing experience but anytime it comes back to Itself, it remembers who It is. There is an infinite number of unique point of views and there are everywhere (here) and actually there are everything. What I am saying is that Awareness is infinitely looking at you as you are infinitely looking at Awareness. You are always looking at Yourself … everywhere you go, any persons you meet, any game you play, any post you read, your bed, your walls, the air, the food etc. There is an infinite numbers of unique points of views looking at you every moment and this infinite numbers is All of You. You are this infinity.

You as Awareness are God over the rest of yourself, especially those who depends on your Awareness for existence … which is All There Is in this moment. You have always existed, before the Big Bang (which is just a story), before the Earth came to be (which is just a story). So if you know your true Self, just like Jesus, you can boldly say, ‘Before Abraham was, I AM’ (which is just a story).

Two things has to happen, it is either you know your true self and give yourself life or you enter into a loop. If you enter into a loop, that’s fine but woe betide you if your loop is defined as suffering or hell. Then you will be a Creator running away from your creation. How does this loop work? Well, you as a co-creator can make free choices of what you want to create and you can get the blueprint of your next experience within you or without you. The truth is that you can ever always get it within you as that is where true reality resides. What is without is an illusion. If you get it within you, absolutely wonderful! You can experience the infinite Being that you are. However from without, you will experience powerful limitations in your life and as you take the illusion more seriously (like it is the real thing) you believe more in separation and hence you are not your full self, the All That Is and not accepting your full Self is like trying to use a chain saw to cut a part of your body only that you keep cutting and feeling an imaginary pain (which feels very real in the illusion) until you realize what is going on. So as you accept the creation as reality, more of that reality is experienced and then you accept the experience as reality and then more of that reality is experienced and then you accept the experience as reality …

When the ego is let loose without check … a better way to put this is when Awareness gets lost in Its creation, this illusion wears an identity. An I … and due to this idea of separation and judgement of good and evil, this I says to itself,

  • I want to become famous, then I will be happy.
  • I want a good job, to feel more secured.
  • I need to get slimmer, to look more attractive.
  • If I stop taking too much sugar, I will be more fit.
  • I need to reach enlightenment, to feel a sense of achievement.
  • I am living my best life, unlike those other people.
  • I am a good person, good things should happen to me etc.

All these stories and A BILLION MORE is created by the ego because the ego feels incomplete, unreal. So it says to itself, ‘If I have that …’, ‘If I am that …’, ‘If I do that …’, THEN, I will be complete (happy, secured, loved, free, peaceful, etc). It is with this concept that time came to exist i.e.

I am not complete in this moment but if I am, have, or do something then I will be complete.

Since the ego always sees change around and created a concept of death, birth and death came to be a real thing in the illusion. It need not be. You can have eternal life. You already have eternal life. There is nothing outside of eternal life. You are already living in eternity. This eternity is right now.

The ego programs for this reality states that you were born sometime ago and you must die sometime later. This is also an illusion. You do not need to accept this as your reality. By changing this story, your physical body can live for as long as you want. The programming that allows your body to grow from a baby to an adult and then for some reason begins to get tired and weak and dies need not to be believed.

That which changes not can keep witnessing the same physical body if It so desires … just the way It has been witnessing the sky or the sun and moon from the beginning of time. The same witness is you.

There is no time. It only exist in the ego’s programming, the illusion. You are already living in eternity and this eternity is this present moment.

You are very blessed.

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