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Religions and a Prism

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What has prism got to do with religion? Ohhhhhhh … EVERYTHING!

If for some personal reasons you have no idea what a prism is, that’s a prism on the featured image doing its thing. Here is one not doing anything.

A religious person who sticks to one religion and demonizes the rest can be likened to a man who was taught that the only color that exist is blue right from his childhood. Everywhere, everything and everyone around him is seen through the blue color. But his lessons does not stop there. Not only is he told that blue is the only existing color, but that any other color he sees is false and wrong. Since this man has not been taught how to think but rather was taught what he should think, he sees every other color as inherently evil. He fights, condemns, pity, pray or avoid others with a different color other than blue. In most cases however, he simply pushes his real color down to the background so that differences in colors don’t affect his relationship with the other … business relationship, in some cases romantic relationships. His delusion of blue being the only color is so strong that simple logical analysis will not do him. As long as he is not willing to discover why he is seeing just blue when there are obviously other colors, he cannot be saved from his self imposed illusion.

Everyone has this prism … and everyone has chosen a color based on background, friends, family and society etc. Most people then take it one step further. Not only have they chosen their colors, they demonize the remaining colors … which is an irony because it is these remaining colors that has produced a sense of choice in the first place. If there was truly one color, there will be no choice to make (when you find the ultimate truth, you will understand the truth of the statement).

Well, you separate yourself from your illusion, you must be willing to go deep and understand the remaining colors. If you do so, “your prism” will reflect pure light from the source into you life.

How can I say this in any more clearer way … your prism (why does this sound like prison every time I say it) is just a tool. Your prism is not reality. You have your prism and others have theirs too … but somehow you have believed your prism to be the truth and other prism false. Then you consider the prism of those people who believe the same things you believe as true until they have a different opinion about an aspect of the believe you consider false. Hence, you create a prism within your prism.

Prism inside a prism inside a prism inside a prism … this is how the mind works. This is how God made Itself forget It is God.

If there is something inherently wrong, then it is all forms of prism. For all forms of prisms are lies and is not the reality. The left and the right, conservatives and liberals, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Atheists, Satanists etc, ARE ALL WRONG! Not this, not that (neti neti) says the Hindu prism. God is one says the Judaism prism. Enlightenment says the Buddhists prism. There is no God says the Athiests prism. Ego is the true God says the Satanists prism. But none holds the truth. For all prism are false and must be put aside to see the true infinite reality. All prisms are pointers (sign post) pointing to the infinite. Some are more clearer than the other but whether clear or not clear, prisms are not The Truth.

Find out what judgments your prism is creating as your experience. You must be willing to let all judgments go. Your prism is your mind. The colors are the contents of your mind. All contents of your mind … ARE CONTENTS OF YOUR MIND! Are they in there, then they are part of you. Do not fragment yourself by pushing away some contents of your mind away. Neither do you need to fear the contents of your mind. They are not reality. Do not reject, get angry, get upset, get frustrated, get shame etc with anything that contains your mind. Whether you like it or not, they are your illusions so like it. There is no escape. You cannot run away neither can you hide from yourself. You are everything that exists and are solely responsible for every integration or fragmentation in your life.

Can you see how just understanding religion and prisms can reflect a clearer light about what is really going on here?

You don’t need to throw your prism (mind) away. In fact, you cannot (you can only realize it doesn’t exist by realizing it exist but that is for another time). What you can do however, is to integrate those colors together so that you can see the truth through your own prism. This is the enlightenment. This is living.

Serve your God if you feel comfortable with that but don’t think you are better or on the right path than those who chose not to serve a God. If you do not believe in a God, that is fine but don’t think those who do are stupid or not using their brain. Everyone is just in the same boat with different colors.

How does true reality look like?

In true reality, there is nothing (no thing) to believe, nothing to do. No where to go, no where to hide. No concepts to understand, no forms to grasp. No thoughts to think. No truth to ponder upon. No lie to let go off. No good to acquire, no evil to avoid. There is no God to worship … and this nothingness is God … and this nothingness is You.

You are forever blessed.

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