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The Gift Of The Enemy Outside

Who knew enemies could be a gift? I did. Who knew enemies could be such an indispensable gift so much that we would be forever lost without them? I didn’t.

So the definition of enemy as used in this post is anything or anyone that causes you to lose your peace.

Your enemy – neighbor, sibling, gf/bf/wife/husband, boss, the government, the deep state, secret societies, the devil, reptilians, etc, have a gift for you. They all come bearing good and wonderful gifts.

This unusually, almost invisible, well-boxed gift, doesn’t come in shiny wrappers unfortunately. In fact, it’s a gift that cannot be found except by those who already knows where it is.

It’s a gift that cannot be found except for those who knows where it is – Captain Jack Sparrow

What is this gift?

It is the gift of reflection.

What does that mean?

Your presumed enemy on the outside IS YOU, telling you what you don’t like about yourself. More accurately, this enemy tells you what you think is bad or evil. Even better, this enemy outside, reveals the cage of knowledge you have set up for yourself. You see, knowledge is the cage of experiential conditioning. All you know is as a result of what you have experienced. Now, I could quickly say here that you are not your experience but if we do not know this, our experience controls us. A person who thinks she is gay is based on all experiences received from the outside world since birth. So is the person who thinks he is straight. Unfortunately, people do not know this either i.e. they do not know that they are what they think they are based on their own accumulated experiences. Take away all of our experiences and all that would be left is awareness or emptiness.

Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord: Deut 6:4 (KJV)
Hear, those in search of God (I AM): The I AM our I AM is the same I AM.

You see, Awareness is the only true reality and this awareness is not two or seven billion. It is just one. It is Awareness that is playing with itself in this play called human consciousness. Can you see it? There is no one else out there.

This play of form also known as Maya is a play that has its end in suffering to those who are identified with it. When you identify with your own experience and you treat those experiences as if it is the Real You, you continuously suffer and 70% of this suffering is associated with our relationship with others. It is this particular suffering, as well as the rest, that helps us see our true self when we surrender to it. In other words, to stop suffering, we must dis-identify with our own stories and it is our enemies that helps us best with this. That person who gets on our nerves are really people who love us so much to embody what we have associated ourselves with. Without them, there is no hope of ever waking up from this dream of life.

So next time someone annoys you, acknowledge the gift and go ahead with unwrapping it. Unless unwrapped, the treasure would never be discovered. You unwrap it through self inquiry. Why do I find this particular attitude annoying, frightening, sad, aggravating etc. As you do this, you will separate your illusory self from your Real Self and begin to have the peace so deserve.

You are blessed.

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