Your Seven Bodily Senses

Back until some years ago, I as well thought there were only five senses. These five senses are still been taught to our kids in our prisons … I mean our schools today. These fractured knowledge is still “the truth” in our prison … I’m sorry, I mean our society today.

I keep making the error of calling our society, our cooperation, our schools … as prisons. I must apologize for this. Maybe it’s because I believe that every human being is a unique expression of life … that should be allowed the space to blossom and bring forth their uniqueness … just like a flower and send into the air a different perfume of the Divine. Instead, what we have is a prison system … my apologies … a societal system that molds humans into a dead form … and anyone who defies this dead form … i.e. who wants to live, is first pointed at as crazy.

Instead of this

Flowering of the human mind
Perfect environment for the flowering of the human mind

We have this

A structured environment for the molding of the human mind
A structured environment for the molding of the human mind

What are the five senses we are used to and their primary ordinary purpose?

The eyes to see.
The ears to hear.
The nose to perceive.
The skin to feel.
The tongue to taste.

Two others …

The third eye (six sense) to keep balance.
The mind (thoughts) to create.

The third eye or what we know as the seat of intuition or six sense is the sensory perception in which its primary ordinary purpose is to keep us at balance between the physical and spiritual plane … so we don’t go too far into any one of them and hence get lost. This last statement can be likened to a concerned mother who tells her son, ‘If you don’t eat, you will get weak and suffer and possibly die’. In reality however, the one who will suffer more if the child doesn’t eat and gets weak is the mother. The son is the spiritual plane and the mother, the physical plane. If this son is still a baby, then he is not capable of suffering … even when the baby cries, there is nobody there crying. There is only the experience of crying i.e. crying and the baby are one i.e. from the baby’s perspective, there is no one there crying, hence no one suffering … except the mother. So when I say the third eye brings balance, it relates more to we, materialistic oriented beings than to spiritual beings. In today’s world, the third eye is reserved for spiritualist and movies. This important sense has lost all meaning to the human consciousness save for some tiny few. Everyone is always about their materialist survival even those who do spiritual activities. Anyway, the third eye would not be appreciated if the last sense is not identified.


If I ask you, ‘What is your name?’ and you give me a reply, ‘My name is …’. Then that is not who You Are. If you cannot say, I am my eyes, I am my ears, I am my nose, I am my skin, I am my tongue, then you cannot say I am my mind … for your mind is a sense organ, just like the rest of the sense organs which primary ordinary function is to create. Do you know what this means? It means that ALL sort of identity you have attached to yourself is not the truth about yourself … because you are not your thoughts. Since all suffering arises from thought, you might be tempted to ask who is the one suffering?

Is the primary purpose of mind really to create? Well test it and see. Meanings, judgement, concepts, tags, opinions, inventions, upgrades, updates, definitions, calculations, languages, and many more are created from the mind. When your True Self gets lost in all this activities and believes it is what it thinks, it creates suffering. Funny enough, in other to combat the suffering, the tool used in creating the suffering is the same tool used in trying to fend off suffering. The True Self in this state cannot see that suffering which is a creation of the mind, is not out there. That is because there is no separation. There is no baby suffering.

To have peace as solid as Mt. Everest, as unmovable as space, as free flowing as water, there must be the knowledge and understanding that your thoughts are for creation. What will you then do with this knowledge?

You are very much blessed.

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