Put Your Believe To The Test

If you have not concretely self inquired, how would you really know that you really know what you know? For just like the air you breath which is beyond thought or mind, we tend to simply give this mysterious event a name or a concept – breathing, and hence fool ourselves into thinking we know what that is because we have named it.

Learn to live beyond what the mind has to offer. There you will find peace.


Do you think that putting our believes to the test is something we should train ourselves to do? So that we completely are in tune with ourselves, that we know ourselves completely and fully?

The believe in something …

We cannot but have believe while still on this plane. Our believes are what keep a form of action-movement within us. We believe we are going to wake up tomorrow so we make preparations for tomorrow. We believe we will get something to eat if we go to the eatery. So we get up, put something on and drive/walk to the eatery. Therefore, to have a believe in something is not an issue. It is the identification with our believes. To think that we are our believes, we are what our believes are, is the creation and maintenance of suffering.

In summary, you are not your thoughts … talk less of your believes.

Your mind, which is really not yours nor mine, is the collective conceptualization of infinity. After conceptualization, Infinity or Eternal Energies is fragmented into two parts: we called one part good and the other we called evil. i.e., we did not stop at creating concepts but took things a little bit further. An attribute of infinity is in the not-knowing of infinity for if infinity is known, how can it be infinite? It is in this knowledge of not-knowing that we can see completely what is. Unfortunately, we have created concepts for everything and everyone. We have created little prisons in our mind for everything and everyone. We have also identified with these prisons, believing that we are our prisons and that our prison is the right prison while others we don’t like have the wrong prison.

The first step to dis-identify from mind is to realize that all concepts are fictional and do not exist. There is the Uncaused who creates the first illusion called All That Is. Man who is part of All There Is decided to create its own illusion, called concepts (which is not the issue) and decided to identify itself with its concepts (which is the issue). What we need as a society is to stop associating Self with concepts.

I am a Canadian. I am from Canada.

Oh really? Where is that?

(Pointing at a huge piece of land) That is where it is located.

(Looking very closely) Is it just me … I cannot see this Canada you speak of. I can only see a huge piece of land.

Yes, that huge piece of land is called Canada.

Does that mean you don’t know what that huge piece of land is?

I know what it is. That is Canada!

So if you hit your head hard and you forget all your concepts for an hour or so (have a concussion), would you point at that piece of land and called it Canada?

No but other will still call it Canada.

Don’t you worry about others right now, I could go around and still get the same response from every single human. Let’s just focus on you first. Once you get it, we can wake others up.

Are you saying Canada is not real.

No. I am saying Canada has been in your head all this while. It is not out here. It can not be found anywhere else but in the mind. From my point of view, Canada is not real but it doesn’t matter what my point of view is. What matters is what you are seeing.

Are you saying soldiers who are always about fighting for their “country” are fighting for something that is not real?

I have no definite answer for you. I can only call your attention to what is. Right now what I am trying to bring to your attention is that countries are only found in the mind of man. The killing, stealing, defending, superiority etc that a “citizen” has about his/her “country” are all concepts in the mind. They are not out here…

The problem is never about the concepts. Rather, it is the erroneous thinking that we know what something is because we have called it a name, given it a class, attached a feeling to it, etc. It is the erroneous thinking that we are what we think, the concepts we hold, the believes we have. So the left is angry and basically want to destroy freedom of speech because they are offended by some certain words or actions while the right is angry and basically want to impose freedom of speech through the implementation of human logically analysis – which dictates that red is red any day anytime. The left cannot see that she is free to have any opinion of herself without necessarily getting a pat on the back from the masses or trying to mold the masses to accept her opinions as facts. The right cannot see that they don’t know what the color red is! (All these are also tied to the Ego construct but we can talk about that later).

All is God and God is infinite. An attribute of infinity is in the not-knowing of infinity for if infinity is known, how can it be infinite? Everything you see around you; the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, etc is all God. There is no other beside God. This understanding brings peace. For if all is truly God, then what is the problem? What is there to fight for? If all is God and God is eternally good and infinite, then what is lack? What do you mean when you say I am poor? Why does that bring suffering or causes pain? Do you know what poverty is?

Yes I do. Poverty is lack … means you are not rich.
No do not relate it with something else to derive meaning from it. Look at that which you call poverty absolutely completely and tell me what it is? Is it not infinity? Is it not energy? If one would inevitably create a concept around it, can you call this lack or the abundance of lack?

Put all believe to the test and see if it can hold anything. For all believes are illusory by nature. They do not exist except in the mind … even the believe of/in God. It is this reason why someone once asked Buddha in the morning if God exists and Buddha said no, and he asked again in the evening and Buddha said yes. What are your believes? Are they creating suffering for you? Then cast them aside … for it is better to enter into the Kingdom of God without them than to be cast into hellfire with them.

All believes … ALL … come from the external world of form, that which constantly changes. What you see this moment is completely different from what you see the next even if in this moment you are reading this post and in the next moment you are reading this post. Those who are scared of the unknown are in for a rough ride when they realize that there was nothing ever really known. Their security was placed on the illusion of the continuity of the present moment … and when the present moment loses its continuity, say, the person is in a dark room or walking down a dark alley, an emotional reaction comes up. That emotional reaction is also infinite and unknown but the person defines it as fear and so the person is afraid and wants to run away from, not the emotion, but his concept of the emotion. Herein lies the explanation of the quote from Oscar Wilde, ‘We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.’

Are you saying I shouldn’t have any believes Emi’el?

Let your believes be clearly seen and fully understood by you. If the external world is defining your believes i.e. based on what you can see, touch, taste, smell and feel, then you are dead in the world and not alive to Christ. All your believes should be defined by you without the permission of the outside world. If your outside world suggests you are poor, put that believe aside since it doesn’t work for you and declare that I am rich. Do you understand? Can you see?

You are always blessed.

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