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Heaven and Hell

Today, while present in the moment, I began to have the experience of seeing God or Infinity in everything. The lights, the wall, the chairs, the mirror, the space in between etc. Although, I have had quite a few experiences of seeing God (or the Primordial energies) in everything, it always is fresh, new and awe struck. The awesomeness of this existence is that, although, it is completely magnificent and awesome and powerful and beyond all manner of description, yet is so simple it could be missed. You could say Infinity has become an expert in hiding itself. Can you look at a pen and see that it is infinite in nature? All we see, with the natural eyes, is its limitation. We see limits everywhere … especially in our own existence.

Is it possible to see heaven and hell in the same place?

When you begin to observe reality without the filter of the mind, you will begin to experience very interesting things. Interesting I must tell you. The mind is a work of art created by the imagination of The Unknown One. With the mind we have been able to do so many things like: interpret what we observe in our world; invent other things based on these interpretations; define who we essentially are based on these interpretations; have individual experiences, etc. This mind which is self sustaining, self replicating and self sufficient has done so much wonderful work. It is the mind that has created everything around you. It has also created all of your experiences including all activities that gives you the impression that you are actively doing something. This of course is false. There is nothing physical for you to do. You can only ever observe yourself and who you say you are. Your mind or Mind does the heavy lifting and creating, obeying your every instruction to the latter.

So you are the boss instructing the mind on what experiences you want, (not by talking or complaining or affirming … those are experiences too). Naturally the mind usurp your powers of creation by creating things based on what you think you know by tricking you into loosing your true knowledge and wisdom. There is a difference between knowing and experiencing and yet they are similar … for what you know, that is what you experience and what you experience is what you know. The mind created a loop-like cache in the system (obeying your instruction of course) and created a reality for you that made it look like what you experience is what you know. It is able to successfully do this because it could trick you that what you can know is limited to the mind … right here is where the difference between knowing and experiencing is appreciated.

What is knowledge? Advance English Dictionary says it is, ‘the psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning’. By following this definition, it means when you see that which is called a bird, you believe that is a bird. I mean you have seen it and you have learnt in school that a bird is a bird. You did not learn that, that thing which is called a bird is only called a bird for convenience. No one really knows what that which is called a bird really is. Nobody knows anything. Or do you? Do you know what air really is? Have you really observe and realize that without the mind, you don’t know what it is? And that without the mind, what seems so familiar a minute ago becomes completely mysterious and interesting? Why don’t we know anything? Is it because we are dumb or because there is nothing to know? Since true reality, which is the only existing reality, is infinite, how can you know it?

The believe in the concepts of the mind and its limitation is the creation of hellfire. It is the creation of death and rebirth, the creation of time and seasons. It is the creation of suffering and the whole bunch of things we have defined as bad or negative. When I had this recent experience of seeing Infinity in my room, I remembered how the bible described heaven. A place of gold, precious stones, sweet scents, evermore bliss and happiness, etc. In that ecstasy, I’m like, ‘Ohhh sh**, this is it! This is what the bible is talking about!’ Everywhere and everything in the room transformed and became very precious to me … and my room is not even the best looking. I could have shown you a picture but I don’t even have a good camera phone!

The limitations are not the problem. The believe in them is. The identification with them is. This limited understanding actually proves that you really do not know anything. Those who see infinity in what is do not know anything because there is nothing to be known. Those who think they know things because of the labels they have place on them do not know that there is nothing to know and hence delude themselves into thinking that they know which proves that they do not know because if they know, then they will know that there is nothing to know and if they do not know they will think they know this, they know that, they don’t know this, they don’t know that. This is false and is the beginning of judgement. Once judgement takes place, hellfire is certain for such people.

How can something so simple create suffering and hell for those who do not know? A man who looses his family without seeing the infinity in their temporary experience will suffer. A woman who identifies with her temporary body will suffer. Anyone who looks at their bank account and cannot see infinity in the limited will suffer. An argument between two people trying to defend their limited pots of knowledge create suffering for themselves. Any identification with any limited form of knowledge brings suffering even if that knowledge for a while brings happiness. ‘If I had gone to that school, my life would have been better’, ‘if I took that job my life would have been better’, ‘thank God I did not swim, I would have died like those people’, ‘thank God my life is better than some people’ … all these will create suffering for those who live by them. There is already weeping and gnashing of teeth.

But the children of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Matt 8:12 (KJV)

If the kingdom is within you, then the children (thought processes) are within and are in darkness (ignorant about divine principles). If you understand what I have been trying to pass across, then you know that the present moment is the eternity and the way you are spending the present moment tells you what you are doing in eternity. Whether you are in hell, suffering or in heaven, living a blissful life.

If you are happy today, sad tomorrow, it basically means you believe in things and concepts and labels that the mind has created. Which means that you believe that you were born sometime ago and you will die sometime later. Death and hell are the last “enemies” that would be destroyed in the Lake of Fire. This Lake of fire can be compared to a refineries fire. The fire isn’t there to destroy the substance … the real thing. It is there to destroy all impurities that has attached themselves to the real thing. Anyone who keeps on identifying with their concepts will keep suffering in hell. But hell is bound to collapse into itself (as all illusion eventually do). Once the illusion is seen for what it is, it is over. Once the illusion has broken down, you will realize that from eternity to eternity you have existed and you will continue existing. You cannot not exist for existence (life) is who you really are. Every other concepts you have attached to life isn’t who you are.

Is it possible to see heaven and hell in the same place?

Not only is it possible, it is the only possibility … for you cannot run from yourself. There is no where to go and there is no where to hide. Those who think they can hide from themselves or from God are those who still find their identity conceptualizing. ‘Oh God is up, He is not down here’. Hey! You are God. You are hiding from yourself. Whatever you see, touch, feel, taste and experience is God. There is no you and God, there is just God. You are already in heaven or in hell depending on your perception about life. Everything works together for good unless your mind begins to define what good is. The good that is of God is not conceptual. I cannot say the air is good. That is not true from my own heavenly perception. However, goodness is air, goodness is land, goodness is all event, goodness is existence … now that is heaven for in heaven, all is good and well. In hell, some are good and some and bad which means all is bad. From my heavenly perceptive, even hell is awesome as hell is the Lake of fire.

You are surely blessed.

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Emi'el is simply here to be of service to those who are ready to awaken from the dream of life. Emi'el is the name of that Being which cannot be named. It is my I AM. It is your I AM.

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