Enter The State

It might be more profitable to read this post first. States of consciousness.
You might learn something about the law of attraction.

Consciousness is the only true reality. Everything that you experience can and will pass away. The only thing that would never pass away is your consciousness. This consciousness is not yours exactly. There is no you here and consciousness there. It is just consciousness and you are a temporary expression of it. This consciousness is you and you are consciousness. The you that you think you are is the illusion that can pass away along side every other experience and existence. For instance if you enjoyed watching tv some years ago but you don’t anymore, then that you passed away. How about your body? The body you wore at age 5 is different from the body you wear at age 15. That body passed away. Every other experiences come and go but what never comes and goes is consciousness … even when you sleep or when you die.

Since consciousness is the one true reality, then everything that we can see, hear, touch, feel, taste and imagine are merely states of consciousness or state in consciousness. You are in a state and always operate from that state. You can be in a state humanity as called, man, woman, rich, poor, intelligent, dull, lucky, unlucky etc.

Looking to have the best most caring boyfriend? Enter the state. Want to get the winning stocks at all times? Enter the state. Want a better job? Enter the state. Want to get fulfillment in life? Enter the state. What do you want to have, do or be? Are you clear about it? Crystal clear? Then simply enter the state.

How can I enter the state of that which I want for myself? To do that ask yourself these questions: What will it feel like if I already have that which I say I want? What will it feel like if I already am that which I say I want to be? What will it feel like if I already am doing that which I say I want to do? The answer to these questions will create a feeling for you. That feeling is what informs you that you have entered another state of consciousness. You already are doing this unconsciously, daily. Now begin to do it consciously. This feeling must become constant and consistent that it begins to feel natural. Once it starts feeling natural, the reality that you want will appear. Life demands two things from you here. Emotional reaction and observation. Here is how a typical human lives;

Something happens. Good, bad or indifferent, doesn’t matter … then this thing that happens then gets interpreted by the person through the filter of his own programmed mind. After this interpretation, an emotional reaction then occurs, which the person also interprets based on good, bad or indifference. From this emotional reaction, such person takes actions. Here is what life demands from you (not a you must do it sort of thing but rather a, this is how it works, do it and get peace, don’t do it and create suffering). Something happens. Good, bad or indifferent, doesn’t matter … then this thing that happens then gets interpreted by the person through the filter of his own born-again (reprogrammed) mind in which the person sees everything as good. In fact, the person has no interpretation of emotional reaction other than good because he sees everything as good. This is because the person is always focused on the most high (the version of his/her higher self). The person is always in the state that he has consciously decided to enter.

I have explained how to enter the state. What I want to do now is explain the characteristics of entering a state. Say you are not so wealthy and you want lots of money and you begin to feel to your way into that state, what will be the characteristics of this mind-action. They are five attributes:

  1. A feeling of natural normal stability
  2. A feeling of satisfaction
  3. A sense of purpose
  4. Freedom from the thought
  5. Staying in the present moment

1. A Feeling of Natural Normal Stability

How can I tell that I am entering the state of wealth, health, good home, good job etc? When you begin to have a natural feeling about that which want. When this feeling becomes relatively stable. I must say that this not a rule and regulation. Don’t make it an objective to get to. Rather let it be a pointer for understanding how state works. So if you are in a state of male or in a state of hearing or in a state of having a job, unless all this states are unsatisfactory, they feel quite normal. It is this normality that excite consciousness.

2. A Feeling of Satisfaction

To feel normal about a state, you must be satisfied with it. Create a preferable state in your imagination, treat it like it is already here by entering the state which is done by feeling it. Then a sense of satisfaction will arise if you truly believe in your imaginal act. Satisfaction always leads to thanksgiving. Satisfaction is thanksgiving.

3. A Sense of Purpose

How do I know that I am entering a state I want successfully? By already having a sense of purpose which that state entails. If I am weak and I want to be strong, I ask myself, what does it feel like to be strong? A feeling arises and in that feeling I have a sense of purpose. Strong people can do anything they choose to do which is one purpose of strength. I feel this sense of purpose. I don’t say, ‘If I am strong, I will …’ or ‘When I become strong, I will …’. I don’t say anything about it at all. It is already there. I am already enjoying the feeling.

4. Freedom From The Thought

A wealthy man does not constantly think of how to get money or where his next meal will come from. Is it because he has money or because he is in the state? A lady who has a good relationship does not think of how much she wants a good man. Is it because she has a good man or because she is in the state? It is mind over matter. The spirit over the flesh. God over man. You enter the state first and everything other thing will be added unto you. How do I know that I am entering a state I want successfully? You are not constantly thinking about it. Remember, take no thought.

5. Staying In The Present Moment

Take a moment and imagine a person who is absolutely satisfied in all areas of life, can you see this person anywhere else but in the moment? There is no need for such person to escape because they are loving their life … every last bit. How do I know? When you find that you are staying a lot more in the present moment than having thoughts of ‘what ifs’ or ‘if only I had’ or ‘when I become/do/have’. Living right here, right now in this present moment is a very good sign that you have entered the state of that which you want.

Test and see. Try it and be sure. Be faithful and you will reap.

You are always blessed.

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