US Bombing On Iran’s Soil – Allegory

Happy new year to you all! What a great way to start the new year. Whew!

Apart from the bombing of the Iran’s airport by the US and the death of Iran’s military leader … which might look bad, from one point of view or the other, but in fact is symbolic for the battle which the egoic mind has within itself, not that the ego is waging war against itself but it is rather doing everything it can to keep Awareness (your true self) locked into the loop of the egoic construct or this 3d matrix (which always result in more suffering). Sooner than later, something interesting is going to happen to the world i.e., the consciousness that knows itself to be human. Those who refuse to shed the cocoon of the ego will remain in this 3d dimension while does who are willing to separate themselves from what seems natural and known and take a leap into the unknown will find the freedom they have been seeking endlessly from the outside world. The US bombing the Iran airport is an external reality of each and everyone of us who heard the news.

The Ego is everything that can be experienced within the concept of the mind.

What do this mean? Well, we first must identify the ego. Technically, the ego is everything that can be experienced within the concept of the mind. From the human perception, the ego is not the problem. Our identification to the ego is the problem. It is this identification in each of us that creates in us this idea to survive. This survival instinct is what creates pain, fear, anger, frustration, bitterness, pride, separation, retaliation, insecurity, lack, suffering, heartache, sickness, provocation, lust, misunderstanding, controversy, hate, malice, unforgiveness, addiction, tension … I believe you get it. If one were to lose this identification, one would know true love, peace, joy, happiness and freedom. These five attributes are the natural conditions of consciousness. These five attributes allows consciousness freedom to be, have and do whatsoever it wants to. This however is what the ego is truly fighting against. It doesn’t want to lose its control over consciousness … your consciousness … and so it comes to you, introducing you to limiting thoughts and believes such as:

  • Don’t follow your dreams
  • Don’t love yourself; don’t love a particular part of yourself
  • Don’t forgive that person
  • Keep investing your awareness on thoughts that causes you pain and suffering
  • Fear, fear and keep fearing
  • Hate, hate and keep hating
  • Stay alert at all times to protect yourself
  • Always be defensive, always revenge
  • Don’t self inquire, rather let the world dictate who you are to you

Ask yourself,

  • Will I feel stuck in the past by following this thoughts or believes?
  • Will I be free from suffering by following these thoughts or believes?

These two questions always brings to your awareness where you are operating from – awareness (present moment) or ego (past experiences).

What US did on Iran soil is the beginning of something exciting … for those who have stopped identifying with their ego. These are those who are not scared of death nor do they flick at the sign of danger. These are those who face emotional, material, spiritual and financial challenges with an aura of confident indifference. These are those who have genuine love for others and not egoic love (I will love you as long as you behave yourself or as long as you make me happy). These are those who don’t get overly excited with fame, fortune or failure neither do they get depressed over anything. These are those that actively pursue their goals, dreams and visions not so as to prove a point or to make ends meet (the thought process of making ends meet is a thought process that is rooted in fear), but because that is just what they love doing at the moment. For those who are still attached to their ego however, this would be a time of more suffering for them.

This suffering is for the good of consciousness for without it, consciousness would not search for ways to make progress which usually leads consciousness to the truth of the reality of the world it has found itself.

Take everything that changes around you – your thoughts, relationships, government and the world, and learn to disassociate yourself from them. You’ll never know it is possible unless you try. So that when your thought says to you, ‘its time to get anger or to panic’, you can simply observe such thoughts. By so doing, your peace is secured and nothing would move you.

The ego has always succeeded in controlling consciousness by the means of fear propagation and propaganda. It will do anything to create a sense of fear so that every human can keep observing such fear, even killing of thousands and millions of people for that effect. Would you let it? As an individual, you are responsible if the world becomes more chaotic since you are co-creating this reality with others. If fear is in you and fear is in me and fear is in the rest of the world, guess what? We will all experience fear continually.

Ego will fight ego to keep consciousness attention on ego. Consciousness can take its attention from the ego and place on that part of ego which it wants. And as long as consciousness is making a conscious aware decision, it will not create suffering for itself anymore. This consciousness is you.

You are certainly blessed.

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By Emi'el

Emi'el is simply here to be of service to those who are ready to awaken from the dream of life. Emi'el is the name of that Being which cannot be named. It is my I AM. It is your I AM.

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