All That Is

God is All That Is. God is UNCONDITIONAL Love. Don’t create God in your image. Rather let your image reflect the Infinite One i.e. Infinite One being All That Is which is God.

Is it? Yes it is. Then it is part of All That Is. Is it not? No it isn’t. How is that which is not, known as is not? That which is not, must be, hence it is known. Conclusively, that which is not, is. Hence, that which is not is part of All That Is.

God is All That Is. God in man is the UNCONDITIONAL I Am. I Am That … is the conditioned Ego.

All that is includes the ocean and the land, the air and the sky, the tree and the soil. It includes the dog and the cat, the ant and the earthworm, the lion and the antelope. It includes the bridges and the streets, the houses and the caves, the tiles and the cement. It includes the chicken and the chips, the vegetables and the hamburger, the rice and the spaghetti. It includes the man and the woman, the boy and the girl, the born and the unborn. It includes the thought and the no-thought, the real and the fake, the truth and the lie.

Inside and outside, left and right, up and down, front and back, within and without, being and doing, thinker and thought, observer and observed, know-er and known, consciousness and unconsciousness, awareness and non-awareness, black and white, truth and lies are all ONE. The Infinite One. They are All That Is and All That Is is God.

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By Emi'el

Emi'el is simply here to be of service to those who are ready to awaken from the dream of life. Emi'el is the name of that Being which cannot be named. It is my I AM. It is your I AM.

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