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Law Of Attraction – The Woman Teaches

The physical matrix is a shadow of spiritual reality. Imagination is reality while the physical matrix is the fantasy. Sooner or later, we all leave the fantasy behind as we begin to remember who we really are. Right now, however, we want to attract different things into our lives. I’m going to hope that none of my readers are trying to attract things into their lives because they think that which they attract will make them happy, peaceful, secured etc. Quickly, from this post, you will realize why that is a bad idea. We will find this out from what the woman teaches us. Feminine nature generally.

The woman is the greatest gift of God to mankind. She teaches everyone that cares to listen, shows everyone that cares to observe, what is going on in the spiritual realm. Woman as used here symbolizes mankind.

Every woman wants to attract. She wants to feel wanted. She wants the attention and love. She wants the man to pursue her, to fight for her, to want her. She wants other women to bask around her. So when she notice a guy, any guy, given her all the attention, praise, support and love, she begins to have emotions for such person naturally. I should note here that this a generalized view. I am well aware that women are different and would have differences in what they want but GENERALLY SPEAKING a woman wants attention.

A woman is a shadow of mankind while a man is a shadow of God. Better yet feminine energy is man while masculine energy is God. (Please note that both masculine and feminine energy are present in every living creature which includes man and woman). Feminine energy consists of everything that can be seen and felt which masculine energy cannot be defined by senses or feeling. Masculine energy (God) is attracted by an aspect of feminine energy (reality) and pays attention to her. She in turn has no other choice but to become emotional (energy in motion). As soon as she becomes emotional, her body (manifestation) follows. Both energies are God and from God. Both are playing a different role in reality. Masculine energy, which is God has the feminine energy, which is also God but having a different role other than being God. If masculine energy is Awareness then feminine energy is that which Awareness is aware of. In this way, God is aware of Himself. E.g I AM (awareness) rich (that which awareness is aware of).Without this duality, God becomes just Consciousness. Also, one of the laws of attraction states that you attract to yourself that which you already are. So as you see, the nature of a guy and a girl simply tells the story of God and His nature.

When a guy first sees a girl he likes, it mostly start with something physical … her dressing, her body, her voice, her face, her complexion etc. For a guy, he has many things to pick from.

When Awareness first sees that which it wants to be aware of, it is always something physical … earth, sky, sea, car, colors, rich bf, sexy gf, better job, travels, health, wealth, etc. For Awareness, it has many things to pick from.

So the guy approaches the girl with an hello. The girl, assuming all conditions are right, will reply with a hi and a smile. The guy, assuming all conditions are right, who has seen a girl he likes from afar comes close to her and give her his attention. The girl accepting this attention begins to talk, really talk.

So Awareness having noticed that which it is to be aware of goes close to it and begins to be aware of that which it is to be aware of.

As the guy continues giving the girl his attention, she talks more, she opens her heart more and from the heart emotions comes rushing out for the guy.

As Awareness continues to be aware of that which it is aware of, that which it is aware of begins to move in energy and vibration.

If the guy keeps his attention up, the girl is soon ready to give the guy her body. It is more accurate to say the girl is ready to receive more of the guy attention which will lead to the two bodies joining together and becoming one.

As awareness keeps being aware of that which it is aware of, that which it is aware of soon forms into being. Finally, Awareness becomes aware of being that which it is aware of.

When the bible say the man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife and they shall be one flesh … this is what it means.

Why doesn’t the guy get the girl?

… is the question that helps us realize what we might be doing wrong as regards attracting that which we want in our life.

Provided all conditions are right:


As soon as the attention dwindles, the girl stops opening up to the guy. Assuming the guy and the girl have been going out for a while, as the attention from the guy ceases, she becomes dissatisfied. At the point, some other guy is ready to sweep her away. Other than this she can continually be happy and be in love with the guy as long as the guy gives her enough attention.

If the attention from the guy is not real, he never gets the girl. Most times, girls test this attention by playing hard to get. The girl already knows what the guy wants, which is sex. But does he want it for the right reason? Right reason being because he wants her or he likes her and not because … ‘hey, I’m a guy, I just want to have sex with you’.

As soon as your awareness for what you want dwindles, you are sure not to embody it or get it. Attention to that which you want is very vital. If you don’t pay attention to riches, you would not have it. If you don’t pay attention to having a bigger home, of course, you wouldn’t have it. Your continuous awareness for that which you want is very important.

Research say we have 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts per day, 2,500 – 3,300 thoughts per hour. As you can see, a lot of thoughts have your attention. Out of these thoughts however, there is usually one, two, three or four thoughts that are most dominating. When you decide on something you want, these thought counts will tell you if you truly want it. In a sense, the thought of what you want runs away from your awareness. It basically play hard to get. It’s not like it wants to do that. It’s simply new and your subconscious isn’t used to it.


I need not say that girls run away from needy guys. This is the second problem of nice guys. They always appear needy. Now, the guy might really like the girl. He might even have more noble intentions than the bad boy but girls mostly find neediness very unattractive. Why? So many reasons:

  • She is not created to lead IN A RELATIONSHIP.
  • She needs space and hence doesn’t want too much attention. Although she wants attention, she still wants space to miss you.
  • She is not to give the guy attention, affection or reassurance. The guy is to give her attention. A woman will do these things naturally even unconsciously. A guy must do these things intentionally and he cannot demand such from her because he doesn’t need it per say. How can a guy want attention or affection when he is responsible for giving it out?
  • She wants that back-and-forth game usually played by people who first become attracted to each other. The more beautiful she is, the more she needs this. A needy guy has “no game”.
  • She needs to feel wanted … she doesn’t want to feel needed etc
  • so so so many reasons. It’s best to google so you can find out more reasons.
  • The best and perhaps funniest reason is that neediness causes the guy to focus more attention on himself rather than on the girl he is trying to be attentive to. I’m positive that this reason is what births other reasons.

Your awareness for something must not be based on neediness. The if-I-have-that-then-I’ll-be-happy attitude will never get you that which you want. Just as a confident man approaches a woman, you must approach what you want confidently. That which is approaching what you want is your awareness of that thing. So if I want more money, I approach the awareness of being rich with confidence, “I Am now rich” and I rest in confidence that it is done. I am not desiring it like a needy person. I am not waiting to have the money before I feel secured that I am rich. If I have money today and don’t have tomorrow doesn’t change my confident state of mind about money – I don’t feel I need something I already have. At the moment, I can want it but I don’t need it. The truth is Awareness, which is you, owns everything that is created. When you decide to be aware of something, you simply want to experience it at the moment. You can at any time simply shift your awareness to something else. Whatever it is you want in your life can only be gotten through this principle as laid down by the shadow of the masculine and feminine energy. Just as the woman was created for the man, that which you are aware of was created for awareness (you). You are the one who must take the lead. You don’t beg to have something neither do you cry for it. You declare you already have health, wealth, happiness, love, better job etc at this moment. Stop pitying yourself. Take your attention from what you don’t want about yourself and put it on what you want for yourself. You must allow the space for that which you want to come into materialization. You cannot keep checking every now and then for its manifestation. Want the manifestation, don’t need it.

When Awareness with confidence sustains awareness for that which it is aware of, Aware becomes aware of being that which it is aware of. This being is what the physical experiences are. It is the reason you are reading this post. It is this principle that will cause more children to be born, more people to be rich, more houses to be built, more cars to be made etc.

Women generally find lack of self confidence to be unattractive. Men generally find more femininity in a woman more attractive. Where do you think they learnt it from?

I could go on and on with this post, interpreting every action a man and a woman take in terms of dating, wooing or relationship. I will however leave the rest for your personal findings.

You are always blessed.

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