Law Of Attraction – Money

Observe carefully and notice the negative thought patterns that surrounds the emotions (positive or negative) as regards money. Observe carefully your own thoughts on money and understand the ‘why’ you might be silently asking yourself when it relates money.

Hi. Hi there, hope you are doing great and having a wonderful time? If there is still a bit of suffering one way or the other, this still indicates a bit of Ego actively alive. A little leaven leaventh the whole lump or a little Ego could make you feel “stuffed up”. The Ego, the program, only cares about its survival, and freedom from the Ego which results in you enjoying your awesome existence, from the Ego’s perceptive seems like death … which is true for the Ego. Hence, the difficulty we face to completely forgive another i.e. for those of us who are actively trying to free ourselves from the grips of the Ego. So when it comes to what gives you the ultimate freedom in this 3D reality, you can be sure that the Ego has every avenue covered to keep ALL humans in bondage. I wonder if the Ego succeeded in doing this …

Yes it did.

Filthy Lucre! New Testament writers clearly did not like money at all … talk less amassing wealth (money) to themselves. Since my last post about a money related issue, I have understood more. I hope it will be practical enough for you apply and at the end of the day have a more beautiful life.

We all know that money in itself isn’t evil. It’s the love or the desire for it. Billions of humans spend most of their waking hours desiring money. More money to get that new phone, new car, new house, new bag, new hair, new clothes, vacation, delicious looking food etc. or more money just to feel safe or have peace. It was money that taught and is still teaching people the unhealthy habit of desiring, which uses consciousness creative power against it. Hence it’s called, the root of all evil.

Story time. In the olden days, before God knew Himself to be man, when He wanted anything, He simply calls those things which He wanted into existence. He doesn’t think, ‘Okay, I’ll need £369,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 to create the Earth. I’ll also need £369,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 x 100 trillion more, with a monthly budget of £111,000,000,000,000,000,000 for the Sun’. He just says, that’s what I want and He gets it. But when God or Consciousness knew itself to be human, things changed.

Let me briefly explain why this is how it works with God. First you must understand that the only reality is energy and vibration. These are produced from Source or God. For the visible world, God uses these energies and vibration to create illusions. Think of the sand on the beach. Infinite amounts right? Then an artist comes around and structures a fraction of that sand into a castle. Quick question. Does the castle exist? Yes and no right. You can see it right there but at the same time know that it doesn’t exist. So you are now left to simply enjoy the creation without being attached to it. Back to money …

Because we have learnt that money rules the world or that without money you are nothing, we learnt how to desire money. We also learn to think that we need money in other to get anything done (which is true for those in and of the world). Like I said earlier, this approach to money helps (endanger) us in creating a ricochet effect. For you see, whatever has your attention is what you create more. If the desire for something has your attention, the desire for that thing is what you will create the more. Do you think the stars are beautiful? Yes? Do you have a strong desire to see them? Not really right? It’s freely available … at any time you want. You can just look up and enjoy it. How about seeing? Do you have a strong desire to see? No? Would you agree that you ability to see is quite important … much more important than a lot of things that seem important right now?

Desire not.

Look at these statements below:

  • I will need money for that
  • I don’t have enough
  • It isn’t so easy to get by
  • I have to spend frugally, don’t know when next I’ll get (earn) more
  • I have to save … just in case.
  • When I have/get money, I’ll …

When money is been thought of, these are usually the thoughts that surrounds it. These thoughts are vibration which is always focused on by those who desire money to do one thing or the other. It is so bad for the collective that money is always the main issue whenever discussions arise about anything.

You want more money but a little twitch occurs just above your stomach area when you realized you have spent more than budgeted. You get annoyed, even angry with your relations because you feel they spent just too much for that item. At the same time, you are shouting positive affirmations day and night about money. Then when a bit of money get to you, your heart leaps for joy (which is telling the universe that this moment is great. The universe will in turn keep giving you that experience i.e. keep you starved for months and then boom, a bit of money and then, you on your end will keep affirming that is what you want by going bananas once again). Observe carefully and notice the negative thought patterns that surrounds the emotions (positive or negative) as regards money. Observe carefully your own thoughts on money and understand the ‘why’ you might be silently asking yourself when it relates money.

To desire something is to affirm the non existence of it. The more you desire, the more the affirmation. It doesn’t need you to say anything or do anything. The universe simply reads your state of being. Do you expect yourself to breath? Until I asked that question, it wasn’t on your mind. It seemed almost non existence. But now that it has come to your mind, you realize you don’t expect yourself to do something that is already doing. It’s just happening. So is energy. Do you expect yourself to have money? In the past, your answer will either be yes or no. But now that it has come to your mind, you realize you don’t expect yourself to have something it already has. It’s just there. Money is an illusion of energy and you have unlimited amount of it. It is that energy you use in creating the illusion of having little or no money. The question was never supposed to be raised because it doesn’t make sense. Can you see? Do you understand?

You can now at this moment begin to create a new thought process of understanding that money is just there. So don’t stress your mind with how, when, will … on getting it. Also learn to enjoy the reality of what it is you want without seeing it first. Don’t wait to see it. There is nothing to see except that which you are enjoying. The universe which gives you what you want interprets attention for enjoyment. Whatever you pay attention to is what the universe believes you are enjoying. So pay attention to rest … because that is how you will feel if you at this moment have all the money that you want.

Blessings are of course yours.

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