Life Love

Everything Is Perfect

The purpose of all physical things is for you to interact with who you say you are.

You are perfect
Your body is perfect
Your mind is perfect
Your soul is perfect
Your reality is perfect
Your imperfections are perfect  
At no point were you imperfect
Even when you thought you were imperfect
That was also perfect
Your dislikes are perfect
Your likes are perfect
Your fears are perfect
Your love is perfect
Your character that everyone complains about
That is also perfect
Your desire to change is perfect
You wanting better things in life is perfect
You wanting the best is perfect
You having the best is perfect
You sharing or keeping it is perfect
You wanting to become more is perfect
When you loose your cool
When you take an action and regret it
When you start a fight
When you fuel a fight
When you feel you hate another
When you are good
When you do right even when wronged
When you go extra mile for another
When you make sacrifices for an enemy
All of it is perfect
When the sun feels like fire
When the snow feels like punishment
When the rain causes you to feel God is angry
These are also perfect
When the news carry around their usual terrible tidings
When the government has refused to do the needful
When everything around you is expensive
When people live like they just don't care
When you think the world is turning to something else
I promise you it is still very much perfect
Have you tried and failed so many times?
Have you had little success in life?
Have you thought of somethings are just impossible?
Have you got a not-so-successful career?
Do you think you have a "boring life"?
Do you feel you can't just do it and hence give up?
These are perfect also

You are a perfect being, incapable of any imperfection. For whatsoever you lay your hands to do prospers. It cannot but prosper for there is no opposite to be compare with. The imperfection you might see only exist in the mind. Even that is perfectly created.

When others see poverty, I see how abundantly poverty is displayed
When others see lack, I see how abundantly lack is displayed

Hence, be free from the clutches of judgement. Your spouse cannot hurt you. Your job cannot hurt you. The economy cannot hurt you. How can something which is perfect hurt you? The man who had a car accident? That was perfect. The children who will die today of hunger? These are also perfect. Everything you observe is perfectly reflecting who you say you are.

The purpose of all physical things is for you to interact with who you say you are. The world the way it is, is a perfect reflection of who you say you are. The good, beautiful, bad and ugly are all perfectly reflecting your opinion about yourself. You see, it can never be imperfect.

Even though the world is perfect, I believe you and I still have preferences. We would prefer one thing over the other, one lifestyle over the other, one characteristics over the other, one situation over the other. If this is you, may I tell you: leave the mirror alone and go within. Change your perception of yourself and you will see it reflect in your world. The change will come as the universe has no choice but to reflect who you say you are back to you. You are responsible for creating your heaven or your hell. No one but you can do it. No one but you have done it and only you can continually do it.

Be quick, be absolute, be determined. Don’t try to be a better person. Don’t try to change those bad habits of yours. That can be likened to trying to remove a stain from your forehead from the mirror that only reflected your face to you. To change, look and see yourself in another light. If you are weak, see yourself strong. If your government is corrupt, see the world free of the government. If you are surrounded with bad friends, see yourself surrounded with good friends and keep living.

This matrix is created by you and you have always had the power to change it. All you have to do is see yourself as already perfect from your own definition of what perfection is and the world will crumble and rebuild itself in front of your very eyes.

You are always blessed

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