John 1:1-5 and Bad Habits

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it. John 1:1-5 (NKJV)

In the beginning was Awareness (imagination) and the Awareness was with Consciousness and the Awareness was Consciousness. Awareness was in the beginning with Consciousness. All things were made through Awareness (imagination), and without It nothing was made that was made. In it was life, and the life was the animation (knowledge) of the Ego. And the knowledge shines in the unknown, and the unknown could not comprehend it.


Before the beginning, there was Consciousness. Consciousness is the everlasting unknown. It is the darkness … this darkness is not the opposite of light. It is consciousness that has no idea of what anything is. Everything is conscious … that includes the air you breath and the chair you sit on.

Awareness was not created by Consciousness. It is rather an inevitable result of the nature of consciousness. Awareness needs consciousness to exist. Consciousness needs nothing. Awareness is the everlasting Father. Awareness is that which knows Consciousness to be God and hence knows itself to be God. At the same time, Awareness came out of the Father. So the Father (consciousness) and the Son/Word (awareness) are one. The Father is greater than the Son but still equal with the Son.

This Awareness can be called Imagination. The two cannot be separated. The proof of Imagination is Awareness while the proof of Awareness is Imagination i.e. you are imagining that you are aware and you are aware that you are imagining. Although, grown ups have lost this basic principle, they can still be learnt from babies and children. If you say I am not imagining my awareness, then I can bet you still think in terms of what is real and not real, or fact and fiction, like there is a difference between them. If this is the case, then that will be trashed out in the next post. Moving on, Awareness, not Jesus the son of man, created all things. This Awareness can also be called Consciousness Imagining.

Mankind is the Egoic construct of Awareness. It is a wonderful creation AS LONG AS Awareness does not think it is the Ego. Unfortunately, Awareness has no choice but to be lost in the Ego for its evolution (enjoyment, play, dance). However, Consciousness knows no time. Every possible and impossible scenarios that can be imagined has already been imagined by Consciousness: this includes Awareness that is completely evolved in the sense of time-space. This particular Awareness is the Higher Self or God. It is this Awareness that shines its knowledge (so to say) on the Egoic construct. Without the direction of this Awareness or without the direction of Life, evolution will never happen as it has been correctly analyzed by Theologians. This is the Life that is the light (knowledge, animation) of the Ego i.e. it is what makes the birds fly and what makes you do everything you do.

This knowledge shines to that part of consciousness that doesn’t know that it is conscious, yet, that part of consciousness cannot understand it. Ever. Well because there is no awareness. This is a very fat generalized statement. For example; your knowledge about the ant is your light shining in the darkness, the darkness being the ant since the ant doesn’t know it is an ant. It can also be the Ego’s control of life which can mean people who do wicked things by our definition.

When we know how things are really are, suffering will reduce drastically and then cease absolutely. A person who acts wickedly to another acts so because he has no other choice in the matter. He has no freewill to choose because he is in the darkness and can never understand what he does. At the background however, his real self, life, is struggling severely to get out from a darkness it has no understanding of. This can be termed “lost in thoughts”. So is the person who gets angry and personalize the anger “I am angry with you” or “I am angry with myself” without knowing that anger on its own is very impersonal. You cannot be angry with yourself because there is no self to be angry with to begin with much less angry with another. Awareness solves this problem by simply being aware of the anger or wickedness. The anger can never understand awareness but this understanding doesn’t matter. By been aware of the anger, it looses that sense of self it attaches to itself and disguise as you or me or whoever. Even though the darkness doesn’t understand it, it will cease to exist.

This is how we deal with our bad habits. Not by fighting with it or praying against it but by been consciously aware of it existence. This is the light that shines into the darkness. Think of a room filled with tables and chair but also completely dark. A person trying to move around such a room will bump into all sorts of things and would probably hurt himself. If he takes the bumps personal, he would have so many unhealthy thoughts like the chairs are demonic, he hating the presence of the table … but with light, even if the light beam are weak that it barely outlines the objects present in the room, he feels more safe and secure. The chairs and tables don’t need to go anywhere. With light, you realize how useful the chairs are for sitting or resting when that is needed.

To be a witness to the rise and fall of emotions and thoughts is to exercise your imagination. Your imagination is therefore the savior of man from suffering. To imagine the best or to be aware of the best and to see everything from this point of view which is personalized by life in every temporary expression of itself is what we must learn if there is anything to be learnt.

Funny how I wrote a sermon in this post. It seems fitting tho since the title is a bible passage. I am so used to logical analysis of life that this feels a bit weird but I believe the point is delivered quite nicely. The bible is inexhaustible and I am sure there is a reason why bad habits is been touched with this. There are no bad habits, yet, if there is a personal definition of a bad habit and would prefer to discontinue such, this is it. Don’t fight the darkness, simply introduce the light. The light will show you that you are not the you you think you are and the you you think you are cannot be defined by anything you do. Everything you do right now you do because that is how you want to experience yourself. If you don’t like it, if it is bad then bring awareness to it and your true desires will naturally manifest themselves.

You are blessed.

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