Meditation Mayhem Stories (2)

What is the purpose of meditation? To be enlightened? To be a sort of super human? To be a master observer? Master witness? To enjoy peace or health? To get information from the depth of your being? To move to a next level?

What is the purpose of meditation? Life has no purpose. Its existence is purpose enough. To get the ultimate from meditation, you must come to the conclusion that there is no purpose for it, save that which you give. If you are meditating right now and you get to the point of enlightenment, what next? You will live a happy life? Then what comes after? Nothing we have never thought of and honestly, we don’t care. Let’s just get total happiness first and we’ll see. Well if meditating right, you will discover that you are already happy now and that everything you do sprout from the place of love and this, eventually, makes meditation loose the purpose you gave to it. You might say that can be meditation’s purpose. Meditation’s purpose is to let you know that you already have the happiness you are looking for or you are already an enlightened being.

But is that what we call purpose? Right here is the fundamental secret of life, of the Ying Yang. The Ying Yang at first, looks like they are opposing each other, but with a closer observation, you realize that they are complementing themselves so intricately … so delicately … so lovingly. Those who understand this dance can never make a good-bad or right-wrong judgment. For example, meditation is the art of remaining still and doing nothing. But if one decides not to do nothing, haven’t that person already decided to do something? By doing nothing, you are doing something. So, the purpose of meditation is to realize that there is no purpose for it.

When this definition is broken down with judgment, of course, you give meditation a purpose i.e. your own unique purpose. ‘Oh, I am meditating so that I can be happy’, (please if that is your purpose, go right ahead. However the purpose of this series is to cut your discoveries time-period to half.) proves that you have made a judgment about another aspect of life, probably called sadness, that is opposite of happiness and must be avoided at all cost. In this case, after meditating right, you would realize you have always known happiness and you never were sad about anything. Everything that you felt happened to you, you had completely enjoyed it.

This is life.
The Ultimate Truth is that there is no Ultimate Truth – for you.
Enlightenment is realizing that there is nothing to be enlightened about.
True happiness doesn’t come from what you can have.
Becoming super human depends on how balanced you can be.
To be a master observer, you must realize that there is no observer. All there is observation.
To have good health demands that you know you already have it.
and it goes on and on …

Such as …
Fear is an extension of love we judge as bad.
Suffering is an extension of happiness we judge as bad.
Fighting is an extension of understanding we judge as bad.
No control is an extension of control we judge as not good.
Selfishness is an extension of selflessness we judge as bad.

And as the judgement continues, what we judge as bad will escalate and increase and suppress and destroy and we keep judging all these as bad.

Just one example, let’s see how suffering is an extension of happiness: Say, one day you wake up thinking,’I am fat, you know, I would prefer to be slim’. In other for this to happen, you must go through some certain things that might look to an outsider as suffering. Why? Why? Why? Why are you lifting those heavy things? Why are you not eating this delicious meal? Why are you always jogging? Why are you always drinking water? (I choose this example because it can easily be countered.)

Nothing is good or bad and meditation will show you what already is – that everything is moving constantly in perfect harmony. This harmony is beyond human comprehension. To see it, you cannot be human.

No man can see God and live – Bible

To see God and live then, you must be no man. You must be nobody. Meditation will help you realize the obvious – that you are already nobody. There is no thinker of thoughts. There is no you thinking good or bad thoughts. While meditating, you observe what already is – your thoughts, your breath, the sounds you hear etc., till the illusion of separation disappears. It might take a day or three years. This doesn’t matter if you understand that there is no purpose at all to get to this stage. You must understand this and do it because you simply want to and because it’s fun.

Life is a dream and there is a dreamer. This dreamer is you. When you awake from the dream of life through understanding the true nature of reality, you will have the ability to become more than you can imagine. You can begin to do things that are beyond human reasoning. This also is just for fun, just because you can and the universe is always at your service, helping you to experience yourself as you define yourself.

Anyway, meditation helps you stop the process of creating suffering, which as nothing to do with the events happening around you but your thoughts about them. So meditate and be a good observer.

You already know you are blessed.

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By Emi'el

Emi'el is simply here to be of service to those who are ready to awaken from the dream of life. Emi'el is the name of that Being which cannot be named. It is my I AM. It is your I AM.

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