How And Why The “I” Is Created

In this post, I will attempt to explain the importance of the Ego.

We have been told to “kill the ego” in other to reach enlightenment. Those who knew better understood that there was nothing to kill since the ego is just an illusion, there is no enlightenment to reach since you are, at every point, unconsciously enlightened. Unconscious because your attention has been taken over by your shadow (ego). Some great minds have thought that turning a blind eye to the ego is what brings enlightenment and peace. I would try to show why this might not be the best approach to deal with the ego.

The presence of a shadow logically affirms the presence of the object.

I’ll start by first explaining how the “I” i.e. you is created.

In the beginning, there was really no beginning. Something had to come up with another thing and then called that thing the beginning. What came up was the “I” or the self. Before this self existed, there was existence. In other words, before awareness existed, there was consciousness. Consciousness is eternally conscious and doesn’t need awareness to exist. Awareness is eternally conscious but need consciousness to be aware. Awareness needs to be first conscious before it can be aware. Consciousness and awareness therefore are one and the same. However, consciousness is greater that awareness. So existence is greater than self, obviously.

In other for existence to know existence practically or experiential, it needs to experience something. Let’s switch to consciousness and awareness again. In other for consciousness to experience consciousness, it needed to be aware that it is conscious. This quest was achieved through evolution. How?

To understand this better, I must refer to the bible. So God comes around and says, I have a begotten son and I called his name Jesus. A first it look like some Being outside telling us a story, which you would be right about. However, it wasn’t God talking. It was mystics, wise men of old who understood the concept of creation and were using their own words to explain it. Just the way I use consciousness and awareness, they used God and Jesus. Now we are told that these two Beings are eternal, yet God is the Father and Jesus, the Son. In today language, God (consciousness) is the real thing, Jesus (awareness) is the illusion or the image of the real thing. These two are eternal yet Jesus is the begotten of the Father which means that the Father didn’t just wake up one morning and went like, ‘You know what, I should have a son’. Rather, awareness gently woke up to consciousness, inevitably. We could say, there was that which was called the beginning as soon as awareness began to awaken.

This idea of awareness ‘waking up’ can still be seen rather obviously in our society. Humanity is young and just waking up hence, we still have to sleep and then wake up, a child having no identity i.e. awareness until it has been taught how to have one, plants growing, dying and then growing again etc. All these are the shadow events telling us what is happening in reality. Let’s go back to the explanation.

Now if you understand that the Father begat the Son and that the Father does not have any experiential awareness except through the Son, then the Father is the Son and the Son is the Father. Therefore, when the Father says, ‘this is my begotten son’, The Father was referring to that part of Himself that knows Himself to be God …

… that is, consciousness aim is to have the experience of consciousness so it became aware. Notice that this aim of consciousness is already awareness. Consciousness needed to be aware in other for it to think thoughts of having experience of consciousness. In other words, there were a set of thoughts that consciousness was thinking which caused it to be aware of thinking it needed to experience consciousness. So consciousness didn’t just wake up one morning and say, ‘now I want to be aware’. Rather it was thinking in a certain way and then this thought processes causes consciousness to be aware that it is conscious.

With this, how was the Self created? It was created by thoughts. Past thoughts to be more precise. So every being who is aware of being conscious is aware because of the accumulation of past thoughts. Well does this make sense? Observation-wise, yes it does. A baby when born isn’t aware of itself until it begins to think. Once there is enough thought processes in the mind of the child, the “I” arises. A child of 4 could get hurt by the parents and cry about it but the next second, because there is no “I” yet, she is having fun with them. A baby who got abandoned by his parents would have a life of bliss and enjoyment until the “I” is properly formed at which point the child is able to ask, ‘why did MY parents leave ME? Is something wrong with ME? Did “I” do anything wrong?’ etc.

So if you understand, you can clearly see that this “I” is just an illusion. What looks so personal and feels so personal is merely an illusion and doesn’t really exist. It exist only in your head and exists there as an illusory thing. You can’t touch it. You can’t reach out to grab it. It’s an illusion, why? Because what exist is simply a compilation of past thought processes that became an identity.

The thinker thinks he is thinking. Meanwhile the thoughts created the thinker. This thinker is actually past thoughts combined together and after all this combination, these past thoughts assumed an identity. an “I”, a Self.

The mistake we have made as a civilization was to think that there is a thinker here and the thinker is thinking about those thoughts there. We are not taught to see that there is no difference between the thinker and the thought – that both are illusions created by consciousness.

The Self wasn’t created to do anything save to experience that which it is conscious of.

Does this mean we should cast the Self aside because it is an illusion which has caused so much headache in our generation? Well, it’s one of the solutions. The issue with this solution is like trying to go backwards in evolution. We are evolving beings. We have been evolving and are still evolving. We know ourselves as human being … I mean … consciousness is aware of itself at this moment as human being and will evolve to know itself as some other being. In this moment it is evolving to know itself as a creator being or God being. In other for this to happen, awareness needs itself completely i.e. the illusion needs to understand its origin and give itself the right role it gave itself to play from the beginning of time and it simple: awareness was born just to experience consciousness. That’s it. It wasn’t created to do any other thing save to experience that which it is conscious of.

There is consciousness, awareness and self. Consciousness just is. Awareness is created from that which just is. Self is created from awareness. Thought is one of the tool consciousness and awareness use for creation. Thought becomes troublesome when it gives itself an identity so the tool, which is first an illusion, thinks it is a being and calls itself “I”. So the illusion creates more illusions for itself bringing in, you guessed it, fear, worry, negativity, etc.

Why was the “I” created? The creation of the “I” is inevitable as long as awareness chooses to have experience consciousness. Consciousness is all there is. Awareness then creates an illusion in which it was separate from consciousness i.e. there is the awareness and there is that which awareness is aware of. Awareness creates this illusion because it thought itself separate from that which it is aware of. Now that the “I” is beginning to understand the mistake created by itself, it is then ready to move to the next stage of evolution.

This stage of evolution is the stage where the “I” does not think independently. It does not see itself as a “I” separate from the rest of the world but a “I” that created the world just the way the “I” sees itself. It begins to understand that no event is independent from who the “I” claims to be. This is the “I” that knows that the “I” is an illusion and hence, spends little time petting, feeding or playing with it. It, instead, simply uses the “I” for what it was originally meant to do – to experience that which it is conscious of. This “I” now knows itself as awareness and this awareness is consciousness.

So your “I”, which is an illusory thing is important and useful as long as you understand that the world is the way it is because of who you say you are. As long as we understand that saying “I” does not indicate an individual, me or you, but what awareness has decided to be conscious of, then we all begin to learn that there is no you, me and the world. In my case, there is just me. I am you and I am the world. Whatever the world is right now is what I am conscious of and that is who I am conscious of being.

Our world can only be peaceful when every individual stops having this idea that what they think they are is something real and tangible … you know, something that needs to be protected and feed and nurtured etc. Everyone’s real self is consciousness. Consciousness as no “I”. It simply is. It is Presence. Then everyone can create better versions of their identity not by trying to change something outward but by simply being conscious of that which is desired. This will happen when we understand that what we call “I” is nothing personal or concrete but everything that one is conscious of in this moment. So “I” is not your past experiences and thoughts. “I” is what you are conscious of in this moment.

Finally, this is to shed light on the “I” of man. The “I” that always find itself in want of something does not exist. It doesn’t exist as a being. It’s an illusion. This illusion is not a being rather it is everything that the being (consciousness) is aware of. Consciousness uses its wisdom of thought to give itself the feeling of consciousness. This part of consciousness doing something is awareness. Awareness is predestined to create the “I” as an inevitable result of what it does. This “I” consist of all what awareness is conscious of. However, this “I” began taking an identity of it own. This happened because awareness began thinking in form of good and evil. So the “I” wanting something is as a result of the “I” making a judgement that what it wants its good and what it doesn’t want is bad but that is another topic.

You can read more on that here

You already know how blessed you are.

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