You Know You Don’t Know

Then, when the days were young and my time on Earth just started,

I look to see, I search to find, I read to know.

My mind did I give to knowledge and my soul to understanding.

Yet, wisdom was far from me and to know was mysterious to my Being.

Still I sought to see, to find and to know.

My hands ransacked every concept I was presented with from birth:

That which was said to be the way and the truth.

Still, I wasn’t satisfied. For the knowledge I have acquired never felt right.

I still never felt free.

My spirit wanted more, yes to know more did my mind pant for.

The Spirit eyes were on me … for I began to look beyond.

Then did I begin peeking across the fence of my limitations,

‘What could be beyond that which I have been presented with’, I wondered.

The battle was tough. I have been told my creator would be angry with me if I dared ventured beyond the wall.

He has also prepared a place in Hell for me if I dared ventured beyond the wall.

There I stood affirming that anything beyond the wall is evil when that which was beyond the wall came to me.

I fought it.

I belittled it.

It took my world and made me look stupid before my eyes.

I hated it even more.

I tried to build more walls for myself. Thicker, higher fences did I invest myself in.

Yet, that which was beyond the wall knew my very weaknesses. It knew me completely.

I fought and I fought but as the sun goes down did my fatigue rise.

I could fight no more.

I began to see, to find and to know that which was beyond the wall.

Fear arose in me.

I got lost in the darkness.

I trembled.

Then I wondered.

Then amazed.

And then in awe.

‘What could this be?’ I asked, ‘and where could this lead to?’

Then did I realize that I never knew anything.

The more I knew the less I knew. The more I knew, the humble I became.

I found true wisdom at last.

When I found her, I discovered I was the one been pursued by her.

That which I looked to see was already been looked at.

That which I searched to find was never lost.

That which I studied to know was ever known.

Yes, wisdom is sweet. She prepared a hot tub for me and treated me like a King.

She gives me freshly squeezed grape and comforted me with her voice and her beauty.

In my comfort she teaches me wisdom and understanding did she impact into my soul.

That when you think you know, then you don’t know and when you think you know, then you stop knowing.

For all there is to know is already known by you. Yet it only known when you know you don’t know.

The more you know, the more you know you don’t know and when you know you don’t know then you know.

Nevertheless, you know that you don’t know not because you don’t know. You know you don’t know because there is nothing to know.

There is nothing to find.

There is nothing to see.

There is just you and nothing else.

So will wisdom whisper to anyone who finds her.

So will rest fill the heart of anyone who hears her voice.

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