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The Second Commandment and Feelings

You might learn something about creating the reality you want.

Today was really eye opening for me as I began to understand why the Ego, which constitute who we think we are and every other negative reality we might think of, including evil powers, demons etc. I hope to show you how you could be using the power of God to fuel your Ego. Click here for a preamble.

“Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.”

Second Commandment, Bible.

What is the name of the Lord our God? Short version, the name is I AM and it is your name. For when everything goes away from you, if you lost your memory and forget that you are rich or poor, fat or slim, healthy or sick, male or female, you can never forget that YOU ARE. As long as you can look at yourself and recognize yourself as yourself, then you are AWARE and this AWARENESS is I AM. I AM then, is really not a name. It is an everlasting attribute and declaration. This declaration comes first before any other thing in this world. To declare that you are free, you must first declare that YOU ARE or I AM. If you can declare that YOU ARE, then you are the only existing being in this world. If you understand that the knowledge of your awareness is the ultimate, then you understand that nothing else has power over you. The only thing which as power over you is you. If you understand that you cannot say I AM for another, then you understand that nobody else exist but you. Everything else that you can see existing must be you since they exist as a result of your awareness. If somehow you can stop yourself from being aware and conscious, nothing will exist anymore for you.

Whatsoever you attach to your awareness is that which your awareness experiences.

Now that you are aware, what are you aware of? Whatever you are aware of is what you have added to your name. E.g. I AM rich. I AM poor. I AM a fighter. I AM a weakling. Then there is the shadow awareness. E.g. the government is bad, my wife is so wonderful, etc. First, there is awareness. Second, there is awareness of something. Awareness is I AM. Awareness of something is I AM THAT. So when you read, ‘thou shall not take the name of your God in vain’, you will realize that it is more of a statement of truth than a commandment to obey. It simply means, ‘you cannot take your name in vain’ … for whatsoever you attach to your name is what your name will experience. Whatsoever you attach to your awareness that your awareness experiences.

If you got to this point, understanding all what has been written, then congratulations … however, there is more.

Unfortunately for humanity, we lost our wisdom, our true wisdom, the wisdom of God and we proudly wear the wisdom of man, which is the Ego. According to the wisdom of the Ego, what you see without is what you are aware of. This is a fat lie. Yet, the world lives this way. Every disaster, pain, suffering can be boiled down to this knowledge. Humans are taught that “without” is the real thing and since it is the real thing, it then controls your “within”. I mean if your boss is misbehaving, then this misbehavior is independent of you and so, your job is to react to what you see based on your upbringing and status. Same thing with nations. You might ask, ‘where did this Ego come from and how did it get this wisdom?’ Well, Ego came from awareness and who is awareness? I can answer that question only for myself since I AM awareness. So, I AM created Ego or my Awareness created Ego. If you are aware, then you brought the Ego into existence. The Ego is not a bad thing. It just went out of control by using God’s power to exist. What is the power of God? That will be your feelings.

A little story to understand better. In the bible, when Adam and Eve ate the fruit and their eyes became open, the Elohims said, ‘Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil’. To make judgment between good and evil demands an investment in emotions. It is this emotions that makes us choose which side. After we have chosen our sides emotionally, we then try to back it up with logic and reasoning. The closer our emotion is to THE TRUTH (which is I AM), the more logical the reasoning.

This thing we do as humans, is what gives our power … our God power to our Ego. Man (mankind – every human, the creation) should never know good and evil. When creating, God attaches Itself to that which She created to animate it. This attachment is done through feelings or emotion or energy in motion. Plainly speaking, God attaches emotions (energy in motion) to Himself to give Herself form. This is how the formless becomes form, the unlimited becomes limited, the eternal becomes now, the all knowing becomes just knowing, etc. This God is I AM. This I AM is your awareness and this awareness is you. It is this awareness that should use this energy to create … and whenever this awareness is consciously using its power, the judgment it makes is always a good judgment, righteous judgment. Instead it is the idea of who you are that uses this energy.

Whenever there is a movement of energy (feelings) inside of you that comes about as a result of what you sensed with your five senses, you are giving God’s power to your Ego and this will always bring negative results. Competition, anger, malice, hatred, war, etc are a result of this power exchange. Since all there truly is, is your awareness of Being, your awareness of Being then creates more Ego construct, hence, giving more power to the Ego or the matrix or the devil or the Enki or whatever.

This is how ALL negativity is formed. ALL. Including the negative reality you don’t want for yourself.

You are a power Being. So powerful that you create your enemies

Be still and know that you are just awareness. In this awareness you can create all you want to have and then you use your emotions to feel that your creation is real and good. This must be done completely before you see the result. You must be the beginning and end of your creation. Trying to be the middle of your creation will foster your Ego . Stop throwing away your power to things that are around you. You cannot use the name of God in vain so be careful with the way you use it. You are a powerful Being … so powerful, you create your own enemies.

You are blessed.

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