Comfort Zone Myths

Society, in its usual fashion, turned the beauty of the comfort zone upside down … just like every other thing. It shouldn’t even be surprising at all, yet it is. When I say society, I mean you and I. We are the society.

According to Google, comfort zone is defined as a situation where one feels safe or at ease. Also, a settled method of working that requires little effort and yields only barely acceptable results. This is the definition of comfort zone and I agree.

One of the things that worries me the most is how something so damn obvious can be overlooked or sidelined. Pastors, Imams, Motivational speakers, Spiritualist, friends and family, environment, institutions, systems all tell you this: to achieve greater things, you must leave your comfort zone. So the message is, leave your comfort zone now so that you can work hard for a comfort zone later.

Well, lets destroy some myths shall we?

First, if you have any desire to leave your comfort zone so as to work to get another comfort zone, realize that you were never in your comfort zone.

Second, if you claim you are in your comfort zone and you don’t have the following: peace, joy, happiness, security, love, understanding, knowing, wisdom, faith, confidence and assurance, you are not in your comfort zone.

Third, as you might have guessed, your comfort zone is not a place to be or get to, it is your state of being. As long as your comfort zone is something outside of you, it isn’t a comfort zone. It simply is something that has given a false sense of security.

Fourth, the third point shows that comfort zone has nothing to do with accomplishments, trophies, fame, intelligence, productivity etc.

Fifth, which is the most important point. To try to put your effort into getting into a comfort zone is the problem. Your effort.

To put an effort into something is to go against the natural flow of that thing. Unfortunately and sadly, man has succeeded to some degree with the use of effort, hence, the disaster that has filled our planets. Thanks to this little dangerous success, man has become more materialistic and evil …

… and at the end of the day, it all boils down to the Ego of man. Think of life as an ocean and think of the waves as temporary expressions of the ocean. That is what they are anyway. Next, imagine each wave that rises from the ocean has a temporary expression period of approximately 80 years. Next, imagine the ocean is conscious of itself and it creates these waves to be like it, conscious. We know that waves all end up on the shores before they return to ocean. Next imagine those waves trying not to get to the shore because it is known in the wave community that waves cease to exist upon getting to the shore. This blatant lie was powerful and effective because when the waves left the ocean body to become waves, they forgot that it was impossible to leave the ocean body. The ocean and the waves have no one slightest difference. The two are the very same thing. Unfortunately, the waves did not have this information on them so they believed a lie. They believed they have to make effort not to get to the shore. They believe they have to work before they eat. They never stopped to consider the birds of the air. They neither sow nor reap, yet, your heavenly Father feeds them all. How much more you wave of little faith?

To make an effort is to go against the natural flow of things. Life wants to create more life and it wants to create conscious beings that will help it in experiencing the life it is creating. You are that conscious being. You and life are one, no difference. You are the Creator and the creation. Unfortunately, you might have believed a lie. A lie that says you are apart from everything else so you have to fend and look out for yourself. You have to watch over yourself, protect yourself, provide for yourself, defend yourself etc. You do everything but trust Life which created you in the first place. You do everything but trust Yourself.

So you need to put in effort, even though it doesn’t feel right. You work extra hours, even though your body is complaining. You swallow all kinds of drugs for stability, even though you know somewhere deep down it isn’t normal. You support a particular cause just so you don’t loose face. You try hard and more just to get to a comfort zone.

You can be comfortable now if you let go and let Life take over. Life created you for one purpose: to experience and enjoy life. You are not created to work for life. Life has done the work, your job is to let Life through and enjoy every moment.

Do not fall into the comfort zone myth. Nothing you achieve outside will bring you comfort. If you are not comfortable within, you cannot be comfortable without. Whatever desires you have is placed there by Life. If you allow Life by letting go, It will bring your desires to you. Trust yourself. Trust Life. Trust your Higher Self.

Q: Are you telling me to just lazy around and do nothing?

A: Kindly read this post for the answer. States of consciousness.

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