Short Text – Life

The only life that exist … really exist … is your consciousness. The thing within you that makes you aware of yourself. That thing that makes you know that you are. Every other thing, both seen or unseen, real or imaginary, facts or lies … is imagination. All things created arises from this consciousness … … Continue reading Short Text – Life

Short Text – Death

If you don’t endeavor to awaken from this dream called life and your physical body dies, you’ll be just as clueless as you are when asleep. Think of death as a really long endless sleep. Well, that is what death is and right now, as you read this, you are probably dead … or to … Continue reading Short Text – Death

Be Persistent

You might learn something about creating the reality you want. The war between your imagination and your past experiences is what is called life. The New Testament coined this battle as the battle between the flesh and the spirit. Please note, the flesh is not good, neither is it evil. The Spirit isn’t good, neither … Continue reading Be Persistent