Dimensions Of The Human Mind

When you think of the basic states of the human mind, you might be surprised to discover that there are things we were not taught, probably on purpose.

  • Love
  • Joy
  • Hate
  • Fear
  • Boredom
  • Sexuality

All six is present in every human. The combination of these six creates other emotions. E.g love and hate creates envy, love and fear creates jealousy.

We have all been wrongly told (deliberately?) to carry love and joy above all things. We must put these at the forefront. Well, we have also wrongly defined what love really means.

To live a balanced life, these six dimensions must be balanced. Without the balancing of all dimensions, we allow one or two of these dimensions have power over our Being-ness. Your I AM needs to be an observer or witness over your experiences but with an unbalance, your I AM gets lost in the emotions and thought processes.

Every dimension is important. None should be unbalanced or suppressed. Briefly, I will explain the effect of balance, imbalance and suppression all of these dimension.

NB: Imbalance signifies an unconscious living. A state of sleep within a dimension. Also note that every imbalance is caused by a suppression of another dimension. Also (finally), to the degree the imbalance and suppression of any dimension is to the degree you experience your reality.


When love is balanced, you experience life with knowledge. Balanced love helps you understand you are everything. You live life, do things, be yourself with any expectation. It attracts to you people who will love you with any expectations from you. You are always grateful and appreciate everything around you.

When unbalanced and are controlled by this dimension, you are not genuinely yourself. You want to please everybody even at the expense of your self worth or peace. You attract those who are needy or possessive towards you. You will be in situations that victimizes or exploits you and even them people would not still be sensitive toward you.

When suppressed, you don’t give love and, of course, genuine love is not given to you.


When joy balanced in your mind, you are more passionate about things and people. You have outlets to experience excitement and display creativity. You attract people who you can be healthily naughty with.

When unbalanced, you always want to be “high”. Greed, over-indulgence, irresponsibility, having no limits, addictions, restlessness comes in. You will attract those who live recklessly and sometimes dangerously. You also attract relationship that are always shallow and are just for fun.

When suppressed, dullness and stagnation is the order. No zeal and aliveness and you feel your life is just been pushed to an unknown destination by some unseen force.


When balanced, you freely express anger or annoyance without any negative feelings attached. Your dislikes are well expressed without any judgment from others. You attract people who respect you for who you are and enjoy your dominant nature.

When unbalanced, this is obvious. You become sadistic, victimizing others, always looking for faults in others. Derive wicked pleasure in always competing and abusive. Psychopathic, masochistic, constant irritation and just plain wicked.

When suppressed, you will hide your true emotions, thoughts and feelings about someone or something. Worst, you hide these things from yourself. You’ll always smile even when others are treating you badly. You’ll allow others take you for a ride. You’ll attract those who are not authentic or truthful with themselves as well.


When fear is balanced, you are always sincere and truthful with yourself and others. Honor, integrity, responsibility for yourself as well as for others. Take educated risks and bodily engage in fear related activities e.g. killing a snake or underwater diving.

When unbalanced, ego preservation rules you. Insecurity, worry, anxiety. Forever suspicious of people or situations. Ever looking for the safest way, route, food, friends, relationships, job, etc. Challenges are your life endangering enemies. You attract people who will bring all or most of your fears to realization.

When suppressed, there will be a lack of maturity and wisdom. You go from one bad decision to the other. Your instinct and institution becomes dull.

NB: While Love is the only dimension that can both be balanced and unbalanced simultaneously, Fear is the only dimension that can both be unbalanced and suppressed simultaneously.


When boredom is balanced in the mind, you are able to remain in deep and committed relationship. Peace, ease, leisure, relaxation, comfort and maturity. There is calmness and stability in your being. Understanding people, non-judgmental attitude, Kingly assurance. You attract people who are loyal and committed to things.

When unbalanced, you are dull, no excitement, everything seems like a drag. Lack of creativity, laziness, depression, meaninglessness, stagnation. Lifeless relationship, no passion for anything, simply just there.

When suppressed, there rises instability, tiredness, weakness, health issues, restlessness.


When balanced, you attract people who are compatible with your sexuality. You have a healthy sex drive that provides security, stability and peace. Body and health fitness will be important to you.

When unbalanced, it creates depravity, irresponsibility, lack of integrity, negative perversions, shallowness with chronic body identification, judging the opposite sex (or same sex in case you are gay) purely as a sex object, reckless forms of lewdness and wanton behaviors. Unbalanced sexuality always brings a lot of regret, pain and lack of satisfaction.

When suppressed, it brings health issues, judgmental attitude, self righteousness. Volatile, aggressive, sadistic and restlessness.


To become balance in every dimension, you simply have to bring your awareness to it. That is all you have to do. It is not even a doing. It is a being. If you identify yourself with I AM or your inner self or God (who is within you as you) or just remaining who you are but as Presence instead of the you that identify with your plenty stories. You bring awareness to the imbalance and of course you let all suppression come to the surface, to face the “wrath/fire of awareness/God” (that’s the vocabulary of bible), they slowly but surely will be consumed as there have no basis in reality. Now is all there really is, not the stories that cause pain and other negative things.

You are blessed.

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