The Pursuit of Happiness

Humans run up and down everyday. They go to and fro, everyday. You see them on the street, in the office, in their automobiles, on their phones, on the plane, in the ship … everyday … moving around … having a purpose/ no purpose … trying to achieve something. Ever trying to achieve something.

Most of us become humble or aggressive, sharp, watchful, defensive, benevolent or stingy, calculative, school oriented, focused, hardworking, sweet or mean, vegetarian … we basically do things that are not inherent in us. Why? We want better connections, better jobs, more money, nicer clothes, better health, acceptance to the society, better relationships … basically, we want to be happy.

What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loose his soul. Seek first, the Kingdom of God and every other thing will be added to you.


Look closely, we are destroying ourselves because we are trying to get what is freely available to us in this moment. Take a close look, see, open your eyes and see. Be patient. Look and you will see that there is no need to hurt yourself to get money when you will inevitably use that money to solve health issues later. You don’t need to run after happiness since everything that is without changes inevitably. The most beautiful girl will not make you happy. Getting that job will not make you happy. Making more money will not make you happy. Your reason for happiness today WILL be the reason for your sadness tomorrow. Look closely, see it and rest.

There is a better way. The Ascended Master Jesus, said it in the best possible way. You will find your salvation when you know that your soul is more important than all the wealth of the world combined. Your soul is the real Being in you that sleeps. As this soul sleeps very soundly, it is dreaming a dream and in this dream, it is dreaming that it is you. Do you understand? Just like the movie, Inception, I’m the guy who comes to you to tell you, you are in a dream so wake up.

To pursue happiness is to create suffering for yourself. By actively and unconsciously pursuing happiness, you are affirming that there is something you are running away from. This reaction to life creates a duality and as long as duality exist in your awareness, the game continues. So today, you are happy, tomorrow, you are sad.

To pursue happiness is to create suffering for yourself.

Every human need to seek first the Kingdom of I AM. Whatever you are looking for, searching for, fighting for, debating for, running from, protecting from, hiding from etc will all be dealt with, with ultimate power and wisdom ONLY in the Kingdom of I AM. Understanding that you don’t need to be happy because you are happy can only be found in the Kingdom … not that you are here and happiness is there and then you do something and then you and happiness come together .. nope … You are happiness … YOUR BEING IS HAPPINESS but this is just head knowledge. To feel it to be so, entering the Kingdom is top priority.

In this Kingdom, there is only spiritual judgement or righteous judgement This judgement states that you can have, be and do whatever you want as long as you know that there is nothing to have, be or do. Your awareness is ultimate. Every other thing outside your awareness, is just you playing with yourself and it becomes a shame to see the fun you were trying to have turn into disaster. This knowing, that YOU ARE, is all there is. It is the only truth. I AM (my awareness of Being is) THE way, THE truth and THE life. Now enter into the Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is within you. Inside this Kingdom, you will find everything you are looking for … and more. First, you become whole within which will in turn reflect without. Seek it and you will find it. Seek it first and you will live a magnificent life uninterrupted by the physical dance of the ever changing outside form. Metaphorically speaking, become a gentle man and dance with life.

For as long as you keep pursuing something that you are, you will forever suffer. It’s like trying to do something so that your heart keeps beating … and so you keep pursuing the apple. It looks perfectly red and promising but as soon as you take a bite, it become ashes. You spit it out and you think to yourself, ‘maybe the next apple wouldn’t be like that’.

Whatever it is that you do, have or are being, keep at it but don’t look up to it to give you happiness. It doesn’t have the power to do so.

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By Emi'el

Emi'el is simply here to be of service to those who are ready to awaken from the dream of life. Emi'el is the name of that Being which cannot be named. It is my I AM. It is your I AM.

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