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Life Is Not A Lesson

Prepare for more rumbling.

I don’t know why I feel like I was rumbling with my last post and now, this. I hope its helps someone out there. Okay let’s go.

Life is not a lesson. There is nothing to learn, there is nothing to teach, there is nothing to know and there is no one else but you.


Life is not a lesson. There is nothing to learn. There is nothing to teach. There is nothing to know. There is no where to go. There is no one to help neither is there any to help you. You cannot run. You cannot hide. You cannot blindfold yourself. You are not a good person. You are not a bad person. There is nothing outside of you.

On the surface, it might look like all what I have said doesn’t make sense … and you would be absolutely right. But we are not interested in surface things, are we? I hope you’re not. If you are not, then permit me to take off the illusion you’ve so expertly created for yourself.

No image! Now, if I hear the word, “God,” do I make an image? If you hear the word, “Jesus,” do you have an image? If you have any image other than “I Am,” you are violating the Commandment.

Neville Goddard (1968)

For YOU ARE the I AM and there is nothing else before you.

While in this dream world, you have created your illusions just the way you want it … just the way you like it. In this dream world, you forget yourself and begin to think there is me and there is you and there are other things.

When you find the true meaning of life, the experience you get from life becomes tertiary … almost irrelevant.


Let me tell you some secrets about who you really are: First, you are a great powerful Being. Second, there is only you … nobody else. Third, you love yourself just the way you are. Fourth, you are a creator. Fifth, you made yourself forget all these basic information.

I’m going to assume you know this to be true. Now tell me, if you are the creator and there is nobody else but you, when you look around right now, what are you looking at? When you see, what are you seeing? When you see your home, laptop, phone, partner, family, socks, chair, what are you seeing? When you look at the sun, ground, trees, birds, sea, sky, community, what are you looking at?

There is no one but you.

Everything you are observing is still you.

The way you choose to interpret what you are seeing is a reflection of who you say you are.

In other words, the observer and the observed are one. The creator and the creation are one.

Let me help you further. Let’s do some logical analysis here shall we? Good.

You know what existence is because you exist. Yes? You are reading this blog post because you exist. Right? Now, if you don’t exist, will the world exist? If your answer is no. Wonderful. If your answer is yes, then you haven’t given the question much thought. Hence, I’ll break it further.

Without your existence, there will be no creation. There will be nothing created because there is no you to create it.


YOU KNOW about this life because YOU ARE or you exist. Your existence creates this life … or … your existence creates both the universe you are aware of and that which you are not aware of. Without your existence, there will be no creation. There’ll be nothing created because there is no you to create it. If you say, ‘If I don’t exist, others will exist’, you have still not gotten it. If you don’t exist, nothing else will exist for you and you is all that matters. All the creation you can see all around you, you see them, why? Because you are there to see them. If you aren’t there, they will still be there … but if you don’t exist, there is no there for you to go to. There is no up or down, left or right, front or back, here or there, God or Satan, conservatives or liberals. There is no “others”. There is absolutely nothing for you BECAUSE YOU DON’T EXIST. Do you understand this?

Do you understand when the bible say, there is none beside you or I say, there is no one but you? Do you? When I say there is no God outside of you? People worship a God outside of themselves because they exist. If you don’t exist, there is nothing, there is no God or Jesus to come save you. There is no “hellfire” or satan. Billions of creation exist because of your awareness. Now that you know this, if there is a God, who will that God be? Isn’t it your consciousness? Your awareness? If there is a Satan, wouldn’t that Satan be the false twisting of your consciousness? The idea of who you think you are?

Think of yourself as a tiny mind inside a much larger mind. If the tiny mind doesn’t exist, the larger mind cannot know itself. You are the larger mind as well as the tiny mind. So your existence allows the larger mind to express itself … and you have always existed. You just made yourself forget for some time that you have always existed. To know if you have always existed, you must ask yourself, do I exist right now? If your answer is yes, then you have always existed … since right now is all there is.

Now, what is the point of these explaination? If you now know that there is nothing but you and that you are the creator of this reality, then when you see or look at anything, you are simply looking at yourself. You are interacting with yourself. You are loving yourself. You are fighting yourself. When you think the world is crazy, you are referring to yourself as crazy. When you hurt others, you hurt yourself. When you see the best in others, you see the best in yourself … etc. It’s even more deeper but I’ve realized my digression.

It should be pretty obvious by now why life isn’t a lesson. If you didn’t go somewhere to learn the most important thing in the world – how to exist, then nothing else should be the problem.

Am I saying you shouldn’t learn anything … to become better, to have more knowledge. Nope. What I’m saying is there is nothing to learn. To become anything, you must first be that thing. You cannot learn to be. You must first be after which there is nothing to learn. Every inventor in history and presently, understand this truth, mostly unconsciously.

Life is not a school. It’s more of a toy.


Being something is entering a state of consciousness and every state of consciousness is beautifully perfect. It needs nothing since it was completely and perfectly created. Example: When you became human, you entered into a state. In this state, you have a body. That body needs to learn nothing to function. Every information it might need is already in that state. White blood cells, liver, kidneys, heart etc need not go to school to learn how to function. If the body begins to die, it is because the Being has entered another state in which the body deteriorates. In this state, the body doesn’t need a professor telling it what to do. Every state is perfect.

You see, life is not a lesson. You did not come here to learn anything. You came to EXPERIENCE all the states of consciousness you can. You made yourself forget who you are because, you wanted to really take your time to really engage with these states. As you know, there are thousands, if not millions, of states in this plane of existence. So you live in a state in this lifetime, die, birth, live in another state, die, birth, live in another state etc. If you have read to this point, it’s probably because your soul wants to do other things so it finding its way out.

So don’t stress yourself thinking life is happening to you in the way it is because you need to learn something. No sir. Life is not a school. It’s more of a toy … you know … for you to play with and explore. When you are tired of the toy, you drop it and do something else.

You are so blessed.

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