The Right Human Development

It all starts when the sperm fertilizes the egg …

… a child is born. A new temporary expression of the divine live comes into existence. A brand new, absolutely unique being. No one has been like this expression and no one will ever be.

The most important things in life cannot be taught.

This ancient divine life, in a new body must learn how to use this body so most of its childhood is focused on that. It is naturally endowed with knowledge on how to:

  • Swallow, poop, sleep, make sounds, move it’s body
  • Know that it’s seeing, hearing, percieving, feeling, tasting.
  • Interact with its new environment through curiously.
  • Use its hands and legs for movement.
  • Tell its brain to transfer adequate strength to its hands and legs for better movements …

… all these, no one teaches it. The most important things in life cannot be thought. How much more the less important ones …

  • Create using it’s imagination. This results in laughter.
  • Capture its imagination and imprison it by giving it a structural platform. Mostly, the structural platform that the society, in which it finds itself, has created …

… it is at this point the child says, ‘dada’ or ‘mama’ and here lies the beginning of its dysfunction. This is the moment its brain gets fu***d up, its parents ignorantly creating the platform and the society completely ruining any chance of awareness or conscious awakening … unless along the way, the child rebels against the society.

You should understand what I mean by rebel here. To rebel is to say no to the structure of the society. To rebel isn’t to leave one part of the structure for another. So, thieves are not rebellious. They are necessary component for the structure to keep its hold on consciousness (real you). Without the thief, there won’t be a problem of insecurity. Without this problem, the police or security institutes would not need to exist. Today, the people who protest are doing so because they think the government isn’t serving the people well. The protesters are angry, agitated, wanting change for the people. Part of this people they are fighting for are the policemen. This same policemen are doing everything in their power to shut the people up. The people are getting violent because there are trying to talk to the government but no one is coming forth to say or change anything. Well, guess who is there to save the day? The policeman! At this point, he isn’t a human being. He has a job to do. Isn’t just beautiful and makes so much sense?

I could go on. Anyway, true rebellion is a complete u-turn from the system.

Actually, the subject is, the right human development. So I’m going to assume everything is going on well in a sane way. So from 0 – 7 years, instead of the child to be taught how to think, it is taught what thoughts are. But how can it be taught what thoughts are when the parents don’t even understand jack about it? It begins to:

  • Observe, not only without, but also within.
  • Learn just the very basic structures – language, communication and mathematics …

… of course, in a truly independent yet coexisting society, we would not need to talk. We would be able to read our feelings, which would be infintly more effective than using 70,000 words to explain a simple concept. Let’s just assume there is language. Finally,

  • It learns to make righteous judgments.

At this point, it must have understood some basic things:

  • It’s thoughts is just like his arms or legs. It is a tool to be used for specific purpose. It isn’t its identity.
  • Just like the hands, the thought is used to create.
  • It cannot learn to be. Rather it must be first and then learn.
  • Consciousness has to be expanded continously so it must not throw away its imagination … the only thing it knew from birth.
  • Rather than learning a structural dos and donts or right and wrong. It learns about causes and effects and how it can determine the effect of what it chooses to think.
  • Thinking is not an effect. It’s a cause. Doing is not a cause. It’s an effect. Etc.

Such an advanced civilization need no religious bodies. The child would have understood how creation came to be and that there is no God to serve but the beings around you.

The problem of big adult teenagers wouldn’t exist in such a world. Let me explain why I think teenagers become stubborn.

During the teenage years is when the emotional part of the human being develops. This emotional part makes us interact with this reality so much so that we forget completely that it isn’t real. When the emotions come up, it clashes against all the judgments, thinking, dos and donts of the structured society. Since the structure of the society was carefully designed to imprison consciousness, the emotions try to fight to get out of the prison, treating the prison like it’s a real thing. Of course, the teenager never wins. This fight simply strengthens the bars of the imaginary prison. The teenager grows into an adult but remains a teenager inside. The emotions at this point is tired and it rests completely, even sometimes sleeps … with an occasional waking up. When it does, it sees the prison again and then riot, fear, mobs, protests, wars, violence, anger spree, deaths, selfishness, greed, pride, disrespect, aggression, etc, follows.

If you want more clarification, look at the world. It is filled with packs of mindless teenagers having babies. Any little upset, the teenagers get divorced, three times in just one lifetime! The teenager gets worked up when things don’t go their way. They cry for days when a love one dies, having absolutely no understanding … not even a clue about what is really going on. Such teens will see devils in their dreams, wake up filled with fear, having no understanding or interpretation skills of dreams, goes about his/her daily life without any clue. If such teenager goes to a religious setting, since the pastors or what have you is even more of a baby, he leads himself/herself into more suffering. Teenagers become senators and politicians and presidents. So while a country like the UK keeps throwing away food daily, enough to feed the poorest countries in Africa, they call parliament for a meeting on what can be done to feed the poorest countries in Africa. These adult teenagers have no research skills whatsoever. Whatever the media says goes. When the media says, time to panic, they reply with okay. Time for war, sure. Time for population reduction, definitely. The climate is changing, okay. The earth will end in 18 months, okay. For a set of people who claim they know how to think, they make terrible thinkers. One can’t blame anyone … they are just barely teenagers.

So 99% of the worlds adult population are still teenagers. The true adults are those who have truly awaken. There is the wicked 1% who are adults, who understands the truth and keep the remaining teenagers from finding them out … with their permission of course.

This is a very rough sketch of what I believe is the right human development minus my rumbling

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