God Life

Short Text – Conscience

Your conscience is as a result of judgment on yourself. As you should have noticed, your conscience determines your righteousness or your guilt after a sensitive action has taken place. Whatever your conscience decide is what you dwell on and hence create either a positive or a negative outcome as it relates to the action made.

Contrary to popular beliefs, especially with bible believers, your conscience is not the Holy Spirit speaking to you or criticizing you. It’s just like every other thing in your life. You learnt how to have a conscience. You were taught how to judge and criticize yourself and depending on where you were raised, you have a strong conscience, weak conscience or no conscience at all.

To become enlightened is to know that there is no good or evil, right or wrong, left or right and that all appearance to the contrary is the illusion. There is just one absolute truth and that is I AM. So an enlightened mind have no need for a conscience since he is not interested anymore in the outer world. Be enlightened and live in a world of perfect peace, without the external world defining how you should or shouldn’t feel.

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