The Dream World

Let me ask you a question, shall I? When you go to sleep and you dream … now that you are the dreamer and when you dream, do you dream of you?

Think of it … with some more questions.

Does this character in your dream … which is you … know you as you? Does this character have your stories or your past experiences? Would you say that this character has no iota of knowledge of who you are? … and that you have no knowledge of who this character is as well? Would you say you are same with this character and at the same time an absolute different being? Can we conclude that the dreamer only knows it’s dreaming, only when he/she wakes up? That during the dream, the dreamer think he/she is a complete different being with a different story?

Think about it … even with some more questions.

While in the dream, would you say you have a different identity from who you are right now? Can we assume that although you seeing familiar faces in the dream world, doesn’t make you know that you are the you that you know? May we deduce that while in the dream, the dream world is just as real as this one? That while in the dream, you don’t think of waking up? … that’s means, saying something in respect to, ‘well it’s time for me to wake up’?

… however

Would you positively observe that as soon as the going gets tough, you are forced to wake up from a dream? And that you don’t wake up in the dream, you wake up on your bed?

Now …

Have you ever become aware in your dream? Did you have the knowledge that you are dreaming and you know this for sure? Would you describe this knowing as freedom? That suddenly you felt free … really free to do anything you want to do? That the story that you were, in dream, quickly lost it’s hypnotic nature? That not only were you free from your story but you were also free from the laws of the dream, which resembles the laws of this world? Can we come up with some logical analysis to prove that the reason one can manipulate nature in the dream is because, while in the dream, the dreamer has no past experiences or references for how to behave, hence, he/she does whatever they want to do … including turning the sun blue?

In conclusion,

While unconscious in your dream, (can we use that word, unconscious?), if one was to come say to you, ‘you are dreaming. This is all a dream.’ What do you think will happen?

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