God Life

Be Persistent

You might learn something about creating the reality you want.

The war between your imagination and your past experiences is what is called life. The New Testament coined this battle as the battle between the flesh and the spirit. Please note, the flesh is not good, neither is it evil. The Spirit isn’t good, neither is it evil. They just are. If there is any difference between these two, it will be the question of which is reality and which is illusion.

To answer that question, both imagination and past experiences are illusions. However, the imagination is the illusion that allows God to experience Himself as who He says He is. Also understand that although the imagination being an illusion, doesn’t mean it isnt real. It is very real. Infact, to understand the real-ness of imagination, let me say this:

God beget the imagination. Why? So She can experience Herself as God. Without imagination, God will not experience Himself as I AM. Without the imagination, He would only be aware of who He is and what He is capable of and that would be just it, since there is nothing else but God. Awareness comes from knowledge about a thing. Since God knows everything, then It knows nothing. Click here for a deeper understanding. So in a way, God has faith in Himself to be who He says He is. That God is in You and Its Imagination is who you experience yourself to be now and also all the imaginations you have in your head … ALL. Hence, you are called co-creator with God … and your Higher Self is your Highest Imagination of Yourself. This Highest Imagination is a Being of Light and ultimate power, wisdom and knowledge. This is who people actually worship. You are pushing forward to wear the garment of your Higher Self. When you successfully wear this garment, you will create another higher self of yourself … and so on … and let me get back to the topic.

So one can say imagination is both real and also an illusion … but past experiences … my, my … now that’s a very strong illusion.

Imagination vs Past experiences.

Your past experiences uses the power of your imagination to exist as a real thing in your life. It is the same story of the I AM vs the Ego … just in another twist … so enjoy.

The point where I WILL BE meets with I WAS is where the I AM is located. I AM is eternal and forever. I WILL BE and I WAS however are not. The two thieves on the cross beside Jesus are symbolic for the I WILL BE and I WAS. I WILL BE and I WAS both want to be in the present now. They are having this tug of war in your reality every moment. I AM without blinking will choose I WILL BE anyday anytime. Unfortunately I AM forgets that all HE IS is ALL HE IS. Nothing else exists outside of who HE/SHE SAYS THEY ARE AT THIS MOMENT. This forgetfulness gives the I WAS power to stay in existence. How?

Since I AM has forgotten that It is all there is, it is always pursuing I WILL BE or I WANT TO BE because It wants to be better than what It is at the present moment, which ofcourse, is a fine goal. So I AM is treating I WILL BE as something tangible It has to get, something It has to work for, perhaps sometimes in the future, It’ll get it. Worst still I AM labelled I WILL BE as good and labelled I AM as not so good. Unfortunately, by having this approach to existence, I AM is declaring, unknowingly, that I WAS is right now I AM since I AM is not yet I WILL BE. I sincerely hope you understand.

I AM, WANTS TO BE because It sees Itself in this moment as I WAS. Therefore we can say that I AM is doing everything but Being I AM which essentially gives I WAS all Its power of Being-ness.

To create the reality you truly want, persistence is needed since I WAS already has the upper hand. Don’t forget, I WAS is your past experiences and I WILL BE is your IMAGINATION.

So be persistent. Persevere. Don’t give up. Make righteousness declaration that I AM and you’ll be blessed.

When I say be persistent, I don’t mean to be persistent on trying TO BE. Be persistent on the knowledge that what YOU WANT TO BE, YOU ALREADY ARE NOW. A better to put this is, be persistent on your focus, persevere on your attention. Don’t give up on who you say you are.

One of the reasons I love the Ascended Master, Jesus, is because He touched and dealt with basically every scenerio we might come across in our journey of life. Of course you cannot just pick your bible and think you will find these lessons by reading a parable. You must be willing to do more than that. God hides the Truth. If He didn’t hide it, life will get boring fast. Nevertheless, it’s time to awaken. So how did Jesus deal with this?

Luke 23:42 And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom. 23:43 And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise.

I wish I could go deep into this … maybe some other time. For now, notice the request of I WILL BE and notice the response of Jesus, the I AM. Huh? Do you see it? Do you understand?

BTW, you can translate today as right now.

You are certainly blessed.

PS: You know I just realized the two thieves … two THIEVES … they are thieves! … so amazing!

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