Collective God vs Collective Ego

Still on the topic of God

Think of God as both a collective and a single Being. Think of the Ego as a collective rather than a single animation. It is a single animation but it is collectively created. God is a single Being that enjoys Its experiences as a collective.

The Ego is created when God looses Himself in His thought processes. Read more about this here. As soon as God began loosing Herself in Her thoughts, She gave those thoughts Her life. Those thought processes came alive and started thinking for themselves. So following the thread:

  • God thinks He is You – creation of Ego.
  • You think you are you – Ego empowered by your power, which is God’s light (ultimate knowing).
  • You think other thoughts – actually, your ego, which is now animated, thinks other thoughts.

Until you take control, become conscious, awaken, living in the present moment, your Ego will be in charge. You must take charge to live a peaceful life. The thread should be:

  • God thinks She is you.
  • You know you are The God (self creating existence and awareness).
  • You think other thoughts – God in you, thinks other thoughts.

… I believe one can easily guess the quality of God’s direct thoughts. For those who are clueless, simply look at yourself in the mirror and see the perfection that you are. Look at a tree or the sun or the sky or the ocean. Look at the perfection and the meaninglessness of it all.

What about the collective God? Well, God is all and all is one (God). Every being alive is a temporary expression of the Divine source (God). In other words, God put Its eternal nature into states of consciousness. All state of consciousness are soundly asleep except the state that is called Christ or Buddha or something similar. In this state, God knows Himself to be God. When God realises Herself, She never calls Herself God anymore. She uses something more personal … like Father. I have completely digressed.

Collective Ego? While God sleeps in these states, It gives the state Its life. These states becomes alive and think for themselves. As soon as these states come alive, they took control and drove the Being to whichever way. The Being spent His existence reacting and competing rather than creating. The Ego, somehow, began sensing something wrong. Sooner than later, they figured it out: they are not real and would go out of existence as soon as God wakes up! This understanding causes God’s light and love to be converted to darkness and fear. In other for the collective Ego, which governs with fear, to keep been in power, they had to keep the collective God sleeping … and I must tell you, the Ego has done a remarkable job.

Spoiler alert: When God (you) finally truly awakens, you will realise that the Ego was never in control to begin with. Everything you had passed through was on purpose by you. You laid down your life by yourself … but for now, do enjoy the story.

Now, this Ego is who you think you are. It’s an individual thing that becomes bigger and stronger collectively. This Ego is not some outside unseen devilish power. It is you! The collective Ego is everyone put together.

What can you do? There is nothing to do. That is Ego talk. The Ego always wants to do. The Truth is You Are. For example:

As a temporary expression of this God source, you can also “become one with God”, so to speak, by living in a constant state of not knowing. This state of not knowing is God’s state. You live in this state of not knowing, not because you don’t know but because there is nothing to know. It is a form of cosmic deceleration which says, ‘Now, I’m my Real Self’. So while in the present moment, all forms of concept is lost and it becomes easier as you realise that you truly don’t know what anything is. If I show you a picture of a bird …

… Like this one …

… your thought processes (the not you, Ego) will fire up and say, ‘Oh, that’s a bird’ and that is it. If you stay in the present moment however, you will realise you don’t know what that thing is … and it doesn’t matter that you don’t … you’re completely satisfied with not knowing … in fact, in a strange way, it feels more peaceful just having this deep knowing of not knowing anything and accepting it.

You are surely blessed.

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