God Life

When You Don’t Need It

Has that classic phenomenon ever happened to you? When you needed something, you couldn’t get it but as soon as you stopped needing it, it comes? Well, let’s logically assess this phenomenon so you can do consciously what you do unconsciously.

To need something is a fact and not The Truth. At the moment of that need, it seems like your world will fall apart and you would loose yourself, if you don’t get that which you claim you need. This also is not The Truth. One might even think, ‘If I don’t get this or that, where will I start from?’. Well, starting points are no problem at all. As humans, we have at least two starting points each day: when we wake up and when we are about to sleep. Starting points are your bread and butter. However, with the introduction of a need, starting points suddenly looks dreadful … even tho you might have engaged in several starting points already in that day.

“Oh no, those are general regular stuff. This is different”

… Enjoying your story, I see.

“You cannot understand. I’ve been dating this guy for nine years and then suddenly he breaks it up. Where will I start from? (sobs)”

Of course, I cannot understand! It’s your story and nothing similar has occurred to me. The question has nothing to do with my understanding it. It has everything to do with your enjoying the situation.

The characteristics of fact is, they are fragile, quick to change. It is facts that stops a man from crying over his late wife he loved all so dearly, and then getting married to someone else. If a neuroscientist who is trained in the art of planting and uprooting thoughts from ones’ mind visit this lady in our example above, uproots this particular thought, suddenly she becomes alright with no recollection of what had happened.

Well, right now, you have been told, do not identify with the story. Identify with your Real Self. The stories, please enjoy them. Love them. But be an observer of the stories rather than actively engaging in it. In some of the churches in my country, christains spend most (all) of their waking moment killing and fighting the devil and its agents. A child can easily be programmed to believe his purpose on earth is to fight spiritual wars till he dies. With these guys, everyone is a potential enemy … even family members.

Do not identify with your stories. Identify with your Real Self.

Part of the story is the idea that you need something. There are two truths to be found here:

  • You don’t need anything.
  • Whatever you focus on expands.

You have been told, over and over. You have felt, deep, deep within your soul. You have seen, when your eyes are closed. You have heard, when you hear the silence and anytime you breath, you know that I AM. Sorry, that YOU ARE. Outside of I AM, nothing else exists. Everyone who can say I AM knows that this I AM-NESS is the beginning and the ending, the first and the last, it is what was (before you knew yourself as who you say you are), it is what is (now that you know yourself as who you say you are), and it is what will be (after you stop knowing yourself as who you say you are). This I AM-NESS is all there is … and you are this I AM. When you understand this truth in depth, you’ll realise that you do not need anything i.e. this I AM-NESS does not need anything outside of Itself BECAUSE NOTHING ELSE EXIST OUTSIDE OF HIM. The understanding of this truth will cause the projection of said truth to your illusion (physical reality). Perharps, you think otherwise.

…tell them I AM THAT I AM. Tell them I AM sent you … this is my name forever.

Holy Bible

So, let’s ask, ‘If we say God (I AM) is ALL THAT THERE IS. What then can this God need? Then you say you are not God. If you are not God, why are you using Her name? Haven’t you heard, you cannot use the name of God in vain and that anytime you invoke His name, it cannot go in vain? I AM sick causes you to be sick. I AM strong causes you to be strong. I AM in need causes you to be in need. Well, I AM is your true name. Anything else that follows is who you say you are. Hence I AM THAT I AM (or I am who I say I am). Now if you understand that I AM needs nothing because it is everything, you’ll rest in this knowledge. The rest you exhibit in this knowledge proves the trust you have in your nature. I AM, which is the truth, needs nothing. So realise you cannot use the name of God in vain, hence, attach truth to this name, which is also your name. I AM peace (complete truth). I AM enough (complete truth). I AM sad (truth mixed with fact). I AM free (complete truth). I AM in need (truth mixed with fact). Now that you know, would you let the outside world control you? Or would you leave the world alone and go within.

Leave the world alone and go within.

The second truth is: Whatever you focus on expands. You focus on your desires, those desires are created even more for you. You focus on the satisfaction of having your desires fulfilled, that will be expanded and hence the satisfaction comes. That is why I always ask, if you are already who you say you want to be, what does that feel like? If you need N100 or $100 at this moment. What will the feeling be like? How would your body and mind respond to the knowledge of alreading having that which you need? If you truly believe what you say, then your feelings and thought processes MUST change. Test it and see if it would not work for you. Focusing on satisfaction births more satisfaction. Focusing on a need births more need.

For you see, life is a dream. Your real self right now is dreaming that it is you in this world. Nothing is real and everything can be controlled by the thought process of the dreamer. You are that dreamer. Control your world by learning and practicing how to create exactly that which you want.

When you don’t need it, what you need comes.

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