God Life

The Shadow World

Your reality is the shadow. The image is in your mind. To change the reality, you must change the image. To change the shadow, you must change your mind. To change the reality, you must change your mind.

YOU are an absolute Being and there is nothing else but YOU. Then you began imagining in YOUR mind and YOU imagined that YOU are you. YOU imagined that YOU are you:

  • Living in a particular place relative to other places.
  • Living a particular existence relative to other existences.
  • Having peculiar relationships relative to other relationships
  • Desiring to be something relative to other things.
  • Been something relative to other things.
  • Etc.

(Incase you missed it, to create the reality you want, you be, act and rest as if you already have it.)

After you imagined, YOU gave YOUR imagination YOUR Life i.e. the knowledge that makes YOU know that YOU ARE. This knowledge can be described as a light that shines brightly from the center of YOUR imagination. This light hits your imaginative act(s) which then casts a shadow. After this happened YOU loved the shadow it casted because YOU saw it was good. This is the beginning of creation. This beginning of creation happens in this moment.

But you never left where YOU were. YOU only made it look like that. You made YOURSELF forget who you truly are. So you engaged forgetfully with YOUR shadow. In the shadows, it seems you were born, you grow and one day, you will die. In the shadows, it seems you didn’t know anything, then you started observing your environment, and then you started knowing things. In the shadows, it seems you didn’t know what to do with your life, then you started arranging your life and began knowing what to do.

One day, you will go back to YOURSELF and realise YOU simply focused your attention of YOUR shadow briefly. Your 90 years plus 200 lifetimes will be like a fraction of a second. It’ll be like the way you right now focus on your shadow. You simply look at it and say in your mind, ‘hmm, shadow’. Then you focus back at what you were doing. So will it be with you when you awaken and realise that YOU are the God Almighty you have been trying to worship all these while out of fear. But hey, you don’t need to believe that.

Everything you can see, hear, touch, taste and feel physically is Yang. Every movement – the wind on the grass, the sound of music, your heartbeat etc all points to the darkness. They are shadows and depending on the kind of light (knowledge) you possess, the shadows will either remain in form or change form slightly or change form drastically. So, LEAVE THE WORLD ALONE AND GO WITHIN.

  • He disrespected me even after I have warned him severally.
  • She didn’t say hi to me although I try to say hi. You know what, if she going to be like that, then I’m going to be like this.
  • He was unfriendly to my friend and now my friend feels offended. I don’t know what to do.
  • She told others my secret. I am so furious with her. I would never talk to her again in my life!
  • She stood me up for the third time. You know what? I’m done with this sh**. I’m just going to blow her off.
  • I feel so sick and I don’t think the med are working right. O God, I dont want to die!
  • This is the way I want things to be! If you cannot comply, then get out!
  • I have to get married by next year. Oh my parents are already complaining.
  • I love this guy and that guy. Oh my God, I’m so torn. I don’t know what to do.
  • Is homosexuality a sin? I hope it’s not … because I’m so attracted to the same sex and I also don’t want to end up in hell.
  • Please God forgive me. I really want to obey you but my flesh is weak.
  • These are the ten steps to become wealthy. Okay, I have to take these ten steps. I don’t want to remain this way forever.

Add those quotes you see flying all around which polishes ones ego even more. You’ve got to love those quotes.

Now, leave the shadows alone and go within. If you desire a change in the shadow world, do not fight the shadow. Just change the image within. If you say you have changed the image within and you believe it, well why aren’t you acting like what you did isn’t true? Did you change it or not? If you claim you have, then act like it!

The human body are also shadows, you can change the image within and the shadows without will change. However, the human personality is a reflection of who you are i.e. other human personalities. These personalities tell you who you are and who you are not. Thanks to these other parts of you, you know yourself to be who you say you are and without them, you’ll just know that YOU ARE. Guess what, that was all you used to know until you entered your shadows. Now, do not forget who you really are so you can have a blissful existence.

You are blessed.

PS: I would advice you go through few posts to have a more informed perspective of what I write. Don’t read just one post and form your judgment. However, if that is what you feel like doing, please don’t let me stop you. Also, do share this post to someone you think might need it.

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