Everyone Will Awaken From Their Sleep

Going through my normal routine on Sundays – waking up and then staying silent enough to feel the divine, then I go online to watch the live stream of a church. I do this because I just love the praise and worship session. Once the worship session is over, I log out and do other things with my time … like writing this blog.

Today’s worship session was different tho. Instead of just enjoying the praise and worship songs, I was observing those who were “worshiping God”. It was quite fascinating really, I saw a particular lady who was very much invested emotionally in what she was doing. Then I heard Myself say, ‘All will awaken. They will all awaken. Do not worry‘. I said, ‘What? I’m not worried’. After I said that, I realized I was a bit worried about the people that were in the church, innocently worshiping “their God”. I wanted to know more about these states in which everyone was so I continued the conversation with Myself.

I said to Myself, ‘Are all these humans unconscious?’

Yes, all in their level of unconsciousness. These groups however are very close to awaken tho. Just some few more radical believes and they will be in the first stages of awakening.

But how will they awaken if they don’t know they are unconscious?

Are you suggesting they have no choice in the matter?

It looks like. Look at me. I have no credit to give myself for understanding life. Every of the processes I have passed through to get here was all You?

But I am you and you are Me. Every processes you went through, you did because you wanted to. You wanted to know more … to understand … to really understand. That was also Me trying to understand. The only difference is you are doing it from a limited view while I Am doing mine from an unlimited view. It is your limited view that makes Me, Me. For if you have not experience yourself to be Me, I’ll not experience Myself to be Me.

Okay, I don’t think I am ready for this this morning. Let’s just go back to the matter of choice.

Yes. Every human is Me and therefore All Powerful. It might look from the surface that they had no choice in their unconsciousness. Actually, they are the ones who made all the choices. I simply stayed back, gave to each person the reality of the choice they made and observed the whole process unfold. They made a choice to make themselves forget the power they had to make the choices they want. They are unconscious out of their personal choice. They all made that choice of unconsciousness out of love. They did this so that everyone can experience themselves as who they say they are. A part of Me who made a conscious decision to be unconscious and hence becomes a beggar did this so that another part of Me who made a conscious decision to be a giver can experience herself as that giver. You see, the unconsciousness exist because of Love. Whenever anyone is ready to wake up, they will simply go through the process you went through. No matter how deep or what plane such soul is, he will begin to go through the processes in his own way. Your gentle awakening caused you to start this blog which you update always out of Love. Those who are waking up will come across this blog and understand so much about what it is all about. Everything is done out of Love.

My God! You know you are killing me. I have notice that without my own thoughts been involved, my blog posts sequentially follows each other in meaning. In my last post, I wrote about love without knowing You had plans to expand on it here. You’ve planned all this from the beginning haven’t You?

Pretty much everything. But it was you who made all the plans. I just give you my wisdom and power to execute them by understanding that I Am the executioner and you are the observer and the planner. You see? There is no difference between you and I. You, of course, know this.

Yesssss. I do. Thank you. So everyone will understand and wake up?

Of course. There is no where else to run to. Nothing exist outside of me. You might create powerful illusions to keep yourself away from Me but it will not last. Everyone will come back to Me. Everyone will know they are Me.

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