Love is Enjoyment

You might learn something on creating the reality you want.

True love that is. Love is all there is. God is Love and Love is God.

True love doesn’t have any meaning. If the love you feel has a meaning, it isn’t true love or to be more clear, you have failed to identify what you mean by true love. Love with meaning will always require something in return. True love doesn’t ask for anything. Nothing exist outside of true love to ask for.

Just like a dance or music, true love has no meaning. It is just there to be enjoyed. Even that is meaningless. What is the point of enjoying yourself? One might answer, ‘to feel good’, which isn’t an answer at all. One simply changed a word for a clause. Enjoyment is feeling good. There is no reason for enjoying yourself except that you can. Everyone who is in their state of consciousness are enjoying themselves in that state. They love that state and hence give attention to it. At no point has anybody hated anything, anyone or any state.

One might argue with facts, saying, some people do hate the jobs there are in or hate a particular characteristics, etc. This is right on a level. However, if one is interested in The Truth level, you have to have the ultimate perspective. You see, unlike facts, The Truth doesn’t have an opposite since it is absolute. The Truth is Ying – strong, rigid, unbending while Yang is the sexy, curvy, flowing, ever changing feminine energy. Mind you, Ying is Yang and Yang is Ying. When something isn’t The Truth doesn’t mean it’s a lie. It just means the thing is not The Truth, thus, it can change form at any time. Love is all there is. This is The Truth. True love never changes. Lust, chemistry, infatuation, fake love … they change like waves on the beach. Looking at the example above from The Truth perspective, people love the hate they have for their job. They enjoy that feeling of hate and they express that love by attaching the relevant emotions of hate to it.

What about a person who makes a sacrifice. If I have a plate of spaghetti and this plate was the last source of food I have at this moment but just as I’m about to take my first spoon, I see a beggar who is completely worn out. My heart goes out to the beggar so I give him my plate of spaghetti even though my tummy is sounding so loud it would make a JBL speaker ashamed. Have I made a sacrifice? On the plane of facts, I have. On the plane of Truth, no I haven’t. I simply engaged in an act that makes me enjoy myself or makes me enjoy who I say I am. This is the meaninglessness of true love.

If you are jealous, you love being jealous. If you are angry, you love that state. If you say you are sick, then you love it. If you are unhappy because when your bf saw you, he didn’t smile nor did he look happy to see you, it just means you love that state of unhappiness.

This is because what you don’t love cannot exist. It is impossible! If love is all there is, then love is all there is in your own reality. If it exist in your reality, you are in complete and absolute love with it. Whether it is negative or positive, helpful or detrimental, good or bad, right or wrong etc. As long as it exist in your reality, it is there because of your love. If you are willing to accept this Truth but still desire to change something, then understand the logic behind the truth:

  1. Love is all there is.
  2. If it exist, it is love.
  3. If it is not loved, it cannot exist.

Example time: If at this moment you are ill, you must assume that you love that state. In other for that state to go, you must assume that it doesn’t exist … not by trying to force your mind to accept that assumption (which your mind will reject hotly. Your mind will say, ‘that’s a negative sir. I can see and feel the illness right there!’) instead you take your focus off it and place that focus on what you love, which is health. This is the simple nature of true love. Whatever you focus on is what you truly love. Be it sweet or bitter, enjoyable or suffering, spiritual or physical, etc. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you focus on it, it means you love it. Why? Simple. If you don’t love it, you’ll not focus on it.

Whatever you focus on is what you truly love.


People focus on things that frustrates them but they cannot understand the truth that their love for that state is what is causing the relentless nature of the state. Most people focus on wanting to have money. They love this state, so, they are always wanting money. This state of wanting money disappears in your reality if you take your focus off wanting money to the abundance around you. If you put your focus on abundance, then you love that state. If you always complain about lack, you love that state …

… and all these is meaningless. You are just enjoying yourself and there is no reason needed for this enjoyment. A family man will say with pride or humility, strength or weakness, certainty or uncertainty, loudly or softly, ‘I’m responsible for this family’. Woe betide such man if he doesn’t have adequate means to take care of his family, he frowns and pour his frustration on the same family he claims to be responsible for. He does all this because that is what he is focusing on. He is loving every moment of this. He is in pain but he is in love with the pain. He is enjoying himself.

The rule of the game is you will always enjoy yourself no matter what. So if you want that enjoyment to be a sweet blissful one, you know what to do.

You are always blessed.

If love is all there is, then whatever you experience in your reality exist because you love it.


By Emi'el

Emi'el is simply here to be of service to those who are ready to awaken from the dream of life. Emi'el is the name of that Being which cannot be named. It is my I AM. It is your I AM.

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