Conspiracy Theories and Awakening

Let me explain something real quick. The stories … all of it … is important. Yes, there are important. All crazy and insane conspiracy stories are important. They help us have a second look, another take, other opinion, a better explaination of what the mainstream media, news, science and technology might tell us. The problem isn’t the conspiracy theories. Rather it is assumption that makes you believe that what you call conspiracy is the actual truth and not what the mainstream says.

THE TRUTH cannot be located in the stories. Listen, THE TRUTH of any issue is not in the stories. It is found in what the stories point at. Do you understand this?

Every form of argumentative points, mainstream news and conspiracy theories are stories. This world and all of its events within (events that are said to be good, bad or indifferent) are shadows of an image. The real image is within you. The light within you shines on the real image within you. This real image which is within you cast a shadow. That shadow is this physical world. It doesn’t matter what is happening in the physical world – good, bad or indifferent. Leave the physical world alone. Don’t bother yourself with it.

When I say don’t bother yourself with it, I don’t mean abandon it. When I say leave the physical world alone, I mean, don’t make judgment about it because IT DOESN’T MATTER. How many times have you changed your shadow by shouting, getting angry, pointing fingers etc?

Now, conspiracy theories are very necessary because these theories exposes what the Egoic mind is conjuring to keep the collective from evolving. We humans are the collective and our only purpose of existence is to be a better version of who we say we are. We as humans are both Spirit and flesh. We are originally Spirit but because in the Spirit world, we were absolute hence we had no way to experience who we say we are …

… when I say Spirit or Spirit world, I don’t mean the spiritual realm. I mean our Original state of absolute. In that state we were one. We are still one in that state. There is really no we. There is only I. It is this illusion of ‘we’ that caused us to create the spiritual realm and physical realm. Since we are life … that is to say, we know that WE ARE, everything we create also has life. So when we created the physical realm, it had a life of its own. This is what we call, the flesh or the Egoic mind. When we forgot who we really are (that was an important ingredient to successfully play this game of life), the Egoic mind took over and began controlling us i.e the creation started controlling the creator. This Egoic mind knows it is but a shadow, so it tries to preserve its life as much as it can. The only way this mind can preserve itself is by keeping the collective ignorant of who they really are.

To do this, the Egoic mind hides THE TRUTH from the collective by inventing stories that causes us to be engaged emotionally. The conspiracy theorist smells this foul play and tries to expose the lies so that the collective can open their eyes and see too. The question is, see what? The conspiracy theorist does not know that he/she is working indirectly for the Ego. For example … you know, I love examples. Examples are amazingly usually clear. Good examples tho.

A christain conspiracy theorist will say according to the bible, the earth is flat and not a globe. Okay, fine. A very sound asleep human who is just ready to awaken from his/her sleep of life will ask, why would the mainstream lie about that? They answer with, they do that to hide God. If this human doesn’t dig deeper, search harder, ask more questions, he/she concludes with a judgment, ‘oh the mainstream is trying to hide God. I believe in God now. I don’t trust mainstream’. So this human is likened to the way you change positions while sleeping, where you allow yourself to be conscious just enough to change your position just right.

What am I saying then? Conspiracy theories and mainstream theories are neither good nor bad. They are however very important to the one awakened … not for any judgmental reason … the awakened mind as no reason to judge because it knows there is nothing to judge. It simply takes all the information it can get, tear away the stories so he/she can find THE TRUTH. Another example.

All what I’ve written in this post are stories. Although, there are very very very close to THE TRUTH so you don’t need to crack open different types of books just to understand what I’m saying. But read the next sentence carefully. As long as you assume that you need to believe anything I’ve written here proves that you still don’t understand. You are not ready.

THERE IS NOTHING TO BELIEVE. There is nothing to put your faith in unless in the things you want to create. There is no theories or saying or believe you need to defend or get offended about. Everything that exist is coming from you! You don’t even need to believe that. Hell, it is your forgetfulness of this sentence that has caused so much wahala (problems) in the world today. So, so far, you have done a very good job in not believing that everything comes from you and in the reality of who you really are.

Everything that exist comes from you.

After understanding that, understand this too. Although there is nothing you need to believe, you have to believe in something, else, you cannot continue experiencing the world of relativity. The world of me and you, here and there, up and down etc. The world of relativity is a world of believe. So you have to believe you will get to work tomorrow. In the bible, this truth is buried in the story of the Garden of Eden. The trees in the Garden represents all sorts of believe systems. You can believe whatever you want to, which then causes you to be anything you want to be … BUT … (don’t you just love buts) don’t partake from the tree of judgment (good and evil). Why? Because on the physical plane, world of relativity, you can never know what is good or evil. Once you start thinking in terms of good and evil about anything in this realm, you will never remember who you are. But all these are still stories. But note, you only have to believe in the stories (which you can decide not to, since there is no need to believe in them).

Conspiracies are one of the divide and conquer mechanisms utilized by the Ego to keep the collective from THE TRUTH or putting it in another story line … keep us from escaping the matrix. If you want another story line, ‘the devil is keeping us all in bondage and wants us all in hell’. Another one? Here you go, ‘Enki and his agents keeps us trapped in the system so they feed from our fears’. Another one? Please, ‘the moon is creating the matrix, keeping us here to reincarnate’. One more? Okay. ‘The illuminati are working with extraterrestrials to keep the masses in poverty’ … and these stories are just for the nature of our existence. How many story lines do you think exists out there. There will be trillions × infinity of stories, not just the major one, but also in our everyday life … my boss doesn’t like me, I wasn’t brought up in a good home, I don’t like what he did, I don’t know if that is right for me …

If you know any other story line, please share in the comment section below.

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