Consciousness and TV

The secret of being aware while watching anything that has an initial black screen shouldn’t be a secret at all. This secret is what keeps we the collective in our own well-designed personal mind box. The prison of the mind is a prison created only by Self. Unfortunately, what the self unconsciously does is, it gives another the permission to suggest to them how their prison layout should look like, taste like, feel like, behave like, think like, etc. That prison is you. It’s your mind.

If the Self gave its authority to something that had the Self’s best interest at heart, things would be different. Unfortunately, the authority to which the Self relinquished its authority to is the not-self … or the Ego. Since the Self is relatively a collective, the Ego is also a collective. Our egoic collective is then played out in the 1% that are literally controlling the world. This 1% are very successful in doing this by the use of anything that has a passive black screen and can actively project pictures, colors, geometry and words in any manner.

The TV is very entertaining … until it is not. It is entertaining because the technology is subconsciously familiar and the stories, all so similar and wonderful. Subconsciously we are aware that the story is all we live for. Without the stories, we’ll be nothing and no one. This is because we know we are everything and everyone. (Those who are awake know these consciously.) All these is happening subconsciously ofcourse. Part of waking up is knowing the truth. Those who are still asleep wouldn’t even understand the words here. To them, all this is a joke. As long as one still chooses to be the story, that’s fine. When one is ready, the self will awaken … and that’s the point. The Ego was never in control. Anyway, TV.

In other for consciousness to be controlled, the subconscious mind must be instructed. Once the subconscious mind has been instructed, the conscious mind has no say in the matter anymore. It simply moves in the mind, completely controlled by the subconscious mind without any understanding whatsoever of what is going on around it. The conscious mind fools itself by thinking that it is in control. It thinks so because it talks when he chooses to talk, it makes judgment whenever it wants to, it thinks about what it wants to think about. The conscious mind is completely oblivious to the fact that all it thinks about, does, say, act, etc is within the confines of its own mind. It cannot see that, for example, it is not a arm robber, not because it is all saintly and perfect, but simply because it has been trained not to think that way. The conscious mind cannot see it and it’ll never see it until it arises from its slumber. What has trained the subconscious mind so easily and quickly and en masse is the TV. The secrets of life can be found in the movies, shows and news you watch.

The secret of life can be found in the movies, shows and news you watch.

The TV has done a marvelous job at dividing and conquering and I see people daily enjoying their shows in deep unconsciousness, picking sides and getting lost in the stories while the stories keep repeating the message that the subconscious understands and work with over and over and over and over again. On the billboard, advertisements, skits, shows, movies, news, internet etc … the message is repeated. And the message is this … in general.

In other for you to build your prison that I can control you with, I have to tell your subconscious that you’re special and unique and that your point of view is not the same as any other. There are also groups of people who see things your way and that you should be with these sets of people so as to be even stronger to face the opposition. While doing that, here is a picture, phrase, attitude, characteristics, events, scenerio your group should all create together. And always remember, you and your group are all one, as long as you see things the same way and label the other group evil. In addition, here is what is really going on in the world right now. We can’t tell you directly since that will cause you to become alarmed, alert and aware but we still have to show you so that you can give us your power and authority to keep creating more of it. Therefore we show it in form of entertainment and movies. This way, your guard is down and your subconscious is all ours.

Everything you have ever watched from the beginning of your watching to now, has this message for you … subconsciously ofcourse. You, on the other hand, just enjoy yourself with a late night movie and go to sleep, still playing the movie in your mind.

Do you know what the best part is, you don’t get to do anything, initially. All you have to do is simply sit and stare at your screen. Your subconscious mind handles the rest. The subconscious mind builds your prison for you so you think in a certain way, act in a certain and unfortunately, create your reality in a certain way. You think you are free but you are heavily unconscious.

Now, how can you be free?

That’s very simple. Wake up and be conscious. Especially while watching a TV. Consciously notice everything your eyes can see. Notice the teeth of the actors, their shirt patterns, the room there are in, the street they are walking in, notice the extras, really notice these things. See life from what you are watching. Notice that the writer who wrote the good guy part is the same writer who wrote the bad guy part. Notice then that it is only people who are sleeping that chooses sides for any emotional reason. The good guys and the bad guys all come from the same mind! So what are you doing? What part are you engaged with? What is the point of finding yourself in an act or news report? You are the writer, the good guy and the bad guy. There is no sides to choose from because you have already choosen all the sides there is to be chosen from. You’ll notice even more if you are conscious enough to notice it. Mostly, you will notice how events in the real world first and foremost appear in movies.

There are no sides to choose from in life.

An awakened mind enjoys a good movie. Most conscious minds stay away … far away from the news (I’ll talk about why on some other post). However, for the awakened mind, the TV is not a place of escape, neither is it a place to go to after a long day. The awakened mind’s consciousness is always in this present moment … observing and enjoying every moment. It knows there is nothing to escape to, there is nowhere to go and every illusion to run somewhere or do something to avoid another reality will only create a self prison. Enjoy your movies – cry if you feel like, laugh if its funny. Enjoy the story ONLY from the point of alert awareness and observation. Simply be in the moment. If one can learn to be always present, there’ll be no need for these plenty writeup.

The TV has helped shaped the lives (prisons) of people. Some bad, some good. But is that the point? Good, bad? The TV has made many many things okay while people are living unconsciously within the rules of the TV, thinking that they are thinking for themselves because that’s what seems to be happening. One cannot continue living like that and assume being awake.

So wake up and watch TV with awareness.

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