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The Story Killeth (2)

The spirit is what you cannot see. First your thought, emotions and the place that produces these things.

Concerning the spirit: while the thought is produced from a place within us, the emotions is produced from us directly – we can feel it.

The emotions brings about the reality of this place. The emotions has been created to enjoy the now. The thought which is you, thinking things into existence, so that you can play, grumble or do whatsoever it is you want to do out here, creates emotions (vibrations). This vibrations make you enjoy the reality of your thought. It makes you feel and interact with things you have imagined. It is all imagination. Can you see how the greatest reality is love? Can you see how of all the imagination you’ve had, love is the highest?

But as soon as you think you are the story, and the story isn’t what you would say you like, that love emotion changes to the opposite. Majorly because you are first imagining something that is not the reality and you got lost in it. Can you see how the deepest of the such imagining is fear?

This story of emotion is what we have called time and life. The emotions is illustrated in “our” lives. It is the collective emotions that creates night and day, up and down, rich and poor, fat and slim, introvert and extrovert, hardworking and lazy, black and white, and the rest in between.

Our emotions is added to the emotions of the collective and every other living thing around us and universally. Every human can feel it and it is each human feelings that get collected into the collective and results in a powerful creative power. Right now, we are producing stuffs based on fear. We want safety, security, shelter, etc. We think there is not enough to go round in the world … so many more stories.

The raw emotions is what we feel inside. Are you happy, joyful and peaceful? Do you think the level of happiness, joy and peace depends on how you see yourself?

Although thoughts are important, feelings are more important. Your thoughts are designed to serve your feelings. If you think happy thoughts from now till 50, if you don’t feel happy, you’ll not feel happy. Whenever your thoughts and feelings have a clash, your feelings will win. This is because you are here for the feelings. While creating the things you want, you should pay attention, alert awareness, to your emotions. Your emotions tells you the real story behind your thoughts. If you truly believe what you are thinking and saying, your emotions will line up soon. Leave your emotions to chance and leave your life to chance. Be unconscious or asleep with your emotions and be unconscious with your life.

It is the emotion that creates the illusion we call reality. It creates vibration and moves energy … the consistent vibration and energy turn into things. The software is kept within and the hardware is processed without, using the brain. The hardware includes your body and the rest of the physical world. But you should not identify yourself with the hardware and software. You must always identify with the programmer who is within you, who is YOU. You, the program must then be grateful to the Programmer within and you must then tell the Programmer what you want to experience next by being thankful (feeling) and living in it now. Although you and the Programmer are one, the Programmer will always be greater than the program only in terms of workload. Apart from that, you are equal with God. There is no difference. When I see you, I have seen God.

But the bible says no man shall see God and live. Well that is very correct. This is why I say you are not the story. The story is death. According to the story, God is this Being that produces consistent fire from His eyes and He is mighty and sits on a powerful throne in heaven. Oh yeah, He is a He. Quick question. Why aren’t feminist religious? Because He is a He. You see the God you’ve painted with your imagination, He cannot be seen with the flesh. According to this imaginative act, this God is tooooooo holy and you are the very opposite. Okay, just add any other story that suits your need.

As you keep believing the story, you make it impossible to see God. You have become the story. The story is now, man. This man cannot see God and live. This man has to die before he can see God. When the man dies, the story dies. When the stories dies, the man realises … it is all energy. There is nothing but energy. Energy moving from one place to the other. Energy that decided to wear individual personalities. When the stories die, and the man dies, then I AM will see itself. Therein lies a secret.

Only God can see God.

By Emi'el

Emi'el is simply here to be of service to those who are ready to awaken from the dream of life. Emi'el is the name of that Being which cannot be named. It is my I AM. It is your I AM.

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