God Life

The Story Killeth (1)

Now. Right now is the eternity.

The story killeth. But the spirit giveth life.

The letter killeth. But the spirit brings life.

The story we tell ourselves is in this format: I’m young, I’m old, I like my things this way, you get me angry when you say that … I, I, I … me, me, me. It is the stories you have about yourself all day long. It is what you cry about and laugh about. The identification with these stories. That feeling you experience when you don’t get what you want … or you do get what you want … you can easily notice these stories when you take the time to observe your thoughts.

This is the letter that killeth. Every identification with stories kills. The letter is your personal story, the bible story, and other physical things you can interact with your five senses … the physical body, the car, the house. Any identification with the stories that makes up the physical realm has the power to kill. It does kill by making you forget that you are an eternal spirit and not a temporary body. Do you know that this identification with the physical realm is responsible for 100% of personal suffering?

Any identification with the stories that makes up the physical realm has the power to kill.

The spirit is what you cannot see. First your thoughts, emotions and the place that produces these things.

Concerning the spirit … thoughts: there are good and evil thoughts. This is the knowledge of the Gods (Gen 3:22). We humans, however, took this knowledge and messed it all up. Think of this knowledge as a small camp fire in the woods set up for the purpose of warming oneself or to maybe, roast a bush meat. Then think of the human nature as a strong wind that took that very important and useful fire and turned it into a wildfire, burning everything in its wake.

Anyway, … the Elohiyms know that the evil thoughts, when believed, brings suffering. The good thoughts when believed brings peace. An example of an evil thought is thinking that there are good and evil thoughts. Worse, you then decide to actively engage in those thoughts. So what am I saying? Are there good and evil thoughts? Nope. They’re no good or evil thought. But you think there are good and evil thoughts. This thinking is the evil thought … and only the Gods know this … that to think there is good and evil thought IS the evil thought … and this is what brings suffering when it is engaged with. It’s not a certain Adam and Eve story. It is your story. Do you understand this? If you don’t, don’t worry. Just make sure you’re not making judgments … if you want to live a peaceful life. If you prefer something else, well …

… now, back to the story.

Can you simply just love the story? ALL OF THE STORY. But can you not identify with it?

Yes you can if you only figure out that it is with your imagination you are “imaging” now and the future … and with your memory, you figure out where what you imagined was. You see, you are not the memory neither are you the imagination. You are that Being doing the imagining. Which is YOU. Not you, the flesh, the story. But YOU, the Being that is imagining. This Being is I AM and its imagination, the Son of God. This imagination is not something of the future but what is happening now.

You see, for God so loved the world (the story, the letter, what can be seen, heard, felt, smelt and tasted) that He gave His only Begotten Son. This Begotten Son is the beginning and the end. It is this Son that is the Word (imagination spoken) that ALL THINGS ARE MADE BY AND WITHOUT IT, THERE IS NOTHING MADE THAT WAS MADE. It is this Word that became flesh – you, me and every human. The guys who invented the airplane used the Son to invent it. The guys who invented electricity and the computer used the Son to invent it. There is nothing else to use. It is this Son (imagination) that laid down his life by himself and died (became ignorant of who He is). It is this imagination that will take up his life again, whenever the time is perfect. You see, it is God imagining that He is not God. He is imagining right now, that He is you. He did this because He loves the world, this world of relativity. By doing this, He gave up His power completely. I mean, you wouldn’t say you are all powerful right now … until you remember. Now whosoever believeth in this story about God and his/her own human imagination, shall not perish but have everlasting life. This is because this story leads you back to Source.

Salvation is when you see this, you both imagine better and then know that who you have imagined in the past is not you. The real YOU is the YOU experiencing the imaginative act of your present moment. Your present moment can be imagined from the past or it could be what you imagine it to be now. You have all the power to imagine what you want at this moment. This is the heaven and hell and it’s all happening now.


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