Be Thankful

Real quick.

I asked myself some weeks ago this:

If I’m the creator of my reality, the I AM, then who am I thanking when I say, thank you?

I got the answer today.

You are the observer and architect of your reality. You are also the creator of your reality. Your own role however, is the observer/architect. The role of your other self is the creator or the machine behind the creation. This Creator is the creation. It is the one Source Energy manifesting itself as trees, houses, phones, other people, food, clothes, etc. This is who you are thanking. You are thanking that other part of you that has ways greater than yours and thoughts greater than yours. This other part of you is who Jesus refers to as Father.

You and the Father are one. There is absolutely no difference between you and the Father save for one. While you are enjoying your individual experience, the Father is everything in this moment.

This other part of you is not in heaven, rather it is the heaven. It is the sun, moon, stars. It is your food, clothes, shelter. It is the birds, pets, rats. It is the wind, the heat, the cold. It is your experience, your pain, your joy. It is your imagination, memory, thoughts. It is everything around you.

So be thankful. FOR EVERYTHING. You are thanking the experience.

By Emi'el

Emi'el is simply here to be of service to those who are ready to awaken from the dream of life. Emi'el is the name of that Being which cannot be named. It is my I AM. It is your I AM.

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