Relative Awareness And Your Partner (2)

I advice a quick read from part one here.

Let’s talk about the conscious mind.

If you’ve ever said, it’s a man’s world, you are a bit right. It’s a world of consciousness. The conscious mind is represented by the man.

To understand the consciousness mind better, we need to add some more meanings to our terms.

Consciousness: Male energy. Man. Mankind. Humans. Humanity. God Father. Higher self. Spirit.

Subconscious: Femal energy. Woman. Earth. World. Worldliness. God Mother. Higher self. Spirit.

Conscious mind is seperated into two part. Conscious mind of the flesh and conscious mind of the Spirit. This difference will be highlighted and possibly help you in your life as well. For by understanding this, your awareness will be brought to the things you do so casually daily and you will also know how men think … generally.


The conscious mind of the flesh (CMF) is interested in only things that are physical. These things includes things that can be seen, felt, percieved, heard, tasted. A man looks for the satisfaction of these senses when he is interacting with a woman. Mankind looks for the satisfaction of these senses when it is interacting with the world.

As a woman, you might assume that if you give your man enough to interact with, he might perhaps love you more or be more responsive. He might … for a while. But he would never be satisfied. Furthermore, you might assume that if you can just get that new bag or those heels, you’ll be satisfied. Well, its never true. The conscious mind is always looking for the next shiny thing, for the next tasty food, the next flashy thing, the next holiday. Since the man represents the physical expression of the conscious mind and the woman, the physical expression of the subconscious mind, it then shows why a man loves to have more partners and why humanity loves to have more material possessions.

The truth is the level of the type of consciousness exhibited by the man or woman determines the quality of the relationship. If there is more CMF, such relationship cannot last.

The CMF is limited to what it knows. A man would not approach a lady who looks above or below his class. Since the CMF uses its tools for judgment, it judges itself and everything related to itself constantly. What the CMF doesn’t know, it either calls the Devil or God. Either way, the conscious mind is always in awe of what it doesn’t know. As a woman, you can use this to your advantage. Simply be unpredictable. You don’t want to be that way all the time tho else one can predict that you are unpredictable. Once in a while, do sometime outside the regulated knowledge of your relationship. Nothing crazy, obviously, but just enough to let the conscious mind wonder. Actually the advice is for guys as well.

Most of the time, the conscious mind becomes so safe with/in what it knows that it doesn’t want to move away from it. As you should suspect, that is very unnatural. This staying safe from the unknown is the creation of the Ego. This is what the Ego really is. “Bad boys” are masters of seducing a lady away from her Ego. The more Egoic she is, the more entertaining it is for the bad boy and more pleasurable it is for the both of them. The bad boy doesn’t seem to “have a life”. The smart bad boy however uses his desire for breaking all Egoic construct of the conscious mind to create a lifestyle that could help him continue his quest. The bad boy cannot be stable because he has no Ego. A woman who tries to keep a bad boy by trying to change him always find out the futility of doing that with her heart broken. The woman who finally gets the bad boy is the one who has what I call pure Ego.

This type of woman don’t have an Ego for the purpose of self preservation. They are not trying to be secured or safe themselves from anything. Rather, they have the Ego for the right reason: to simply differentiate between herself and others.

Wow I didn’t know how I got into the Consciousness mind of the Spirit (CMS). Allow me to back some steps tho.

Now, remember this physical play is really telling us what is happening at the energy level or the spiritual level if you’d like. Also you cannot do what you are not. The CMF will attract another CMF and because there is Ego, the relationship will have so much fights. If it survives those fights, the relationship will settle into a boring routine. The CMF never wants the CMS but the CMS wants the CMF for the purpose of becoming a better CMS, the strongest consciousness will win. Below the surface, a CMS wants a CMF because it wants to learn to become a even stronger CMS. The CMF keeps fighting this because if the CMS wins, the CMF will cease to exist. If the CMS is strong, the CMF looses. If it’s not strong enough, the CMF wins.

Now the CMF uses information on the outside to make judgment. The subconscious keeps giving the CMF what it concentrate the most on. The secret is this: Inside the CMF, unknown to it, lies the CMS. In relationships, the stirring of the CMS is what keeps everything alive and exactly how you want things to be. Also you can only stir the CMS of your partner only if you are operating on the CMS yourself.

The CMF and CMS are very logical. To the conscious mind, 1 + 1 = 2. To the conscious mind, 1 + 1 can never be, ‘Oh I don’t know *paniced face* I don’t know, it doesn’t just feel right, but … but … oh I don’t know …’. The conscious doesn’t think it logical for a woman to take time to add makeup for 1.5 hours … neither can he understand it. The difference however, is that the CMF is seeing something that he doesn’t understand and fights against it. It grumbles, gets worked up, in some extreme cases, shouts in anger. The CMS doesn’t understand also but it doesn’t get moved by what it sees in the physical world … only what is going on in the Spirit world. If you read some of my previous post, you will how thoughts are the spirit that the bible talks about … the good and evil spirits. So the CMS is always supportive. The subconscious mind isn’t straight forward to the conscious mind. It the CMS that perseveres until the subconscious gives it what it wants. For example, if you desire a new job and you declare you already have that job by seeing yourself in it, and then you loose your current job. The CMF will get worked up because of that. The CMS on the other hand understands what patience truly means.

Conscious mind of the Spirit (CMS)

The CMS is not interested in the physical but in the Spiritual. Put it in another way, the CMS doesn’t concern itself with the story the energy is telling but it is more interested in the energy themselves.

Not that it has no interest in the story per se. It simply knows the story is not real, hence, does not identify with the story … oh my bf didn’t call me all day … oh I don’t think my gf cares about me … oh I’m scared my bf might leave me … oh my gf disrespected me … oh my bf did something I don’t like … oh my gf didn’t tell me she loves me when she was with that other guy … etc. All these are the stories. How can you tell if you are in story mode? When you judge by what you see, hear, taste, feel and smell. This is the CMF.

The CMF cannot invent stories if things are good and perfect because things been good and perfect is the default of creation and existence. For example, if everything is okay in your relationship, you remain in the present with your partner, smiling and enjoying yourself. But if your bf/gf was suppose to be back home by 6:00pm and they aren’t back and it 9:00pm, borrowing from past thoughts and experiences of you and your relationship, you’ll have an approximate of 25 different stories running through your mind. This stories will then cause you to pick you phone to call in worry or anger or anxiety or fear etc … and depending on your partner’s CMF level, they react based on the attitude they can see, hear or percieve.

The CMS has no ego and no stories. It’s simply a presence. This presence focuses on what it wants to experience and the subconscious takes that information and create that reality for the CMS.

My God, this is a long post. I’m going to end here. I have simply laid a foundation here. Please take this knowledge and expand on it.

You know, I just felt I should write a book on this. So I’m going to do that. Until then, do enjoy yourself and never forget …

… you are already blessed.

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