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Relative Awareness and Your Partner (1)

Understand this and have ze most beautiful relationship with your partner ever. It is ze secret of ze perfect relationship.

What I would do is to generalize the whole concept. In other words, I simply lay the foundation. You will have to build the structure based on the uniqueness of the individual.

Relative awareness – It is that state of awareness that has this and that. Compare that to just awareness, which is simply that or, I AM.

Relative awareness is divided into consciousness and subconsciousness.

Consciousness – Male energy, man.

Subconscious – Female energy, woman.

This, my friends, is the secret.


Now, although, both energies are in everything, the physical femininity plays the role of what is happening in the realm of the subconscious mind while the physical masculinity plays the role of the conscious mind. Through this explanation, you mustn’t forget that both energies are in you and applying the same psychological truths to you will make your life more easier as well.

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus … errrr … I don’t know about that. What I do know however is that the conscious and subconscious mind reflects their play in the physical reality as male and female.

Subconscious first

Your subconscious mind is the creator of your reality. Guess what? The woman is the creator of mankind. Without the woman, nothing. Blank. She carries a child in her woman for nine months once the man has done his thing … just the way the subconscious carries what the conscious mind focuses on “until the fullness of time”.

Just the way a woman loves to be wooed or led to the point of submission, so also is the subconscious. You cannot rush it. Imagine meeting a guy for the first time and he starts saying some real raw stuffs … big no no. If that same guy takes his time to lay the appropriate ground work, what was a big no no suddenly becomes a big fat yes yes!

The subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind in terms of raw creative energy but she is also very submissive to the conscious mind to the point where she creates only that which the conscious mind is aware of. This attribute makes the subconscious very faithful to the conscious mind. A woman is always drawn to faithfulness while the man is always drawn to unfaithfulness. You’ll see why soon. As a woman, be submissive to your man in the sense of you giving him the whole of your body and mind.

Still on the subconscious. The subconscious doesn’t have the ability to judge between good or bad. It just goes with the strongest most consistent feeling. For example, if the conscious mind always thinks of poverty, no matter how much it is dying for just more money, no matter how much the conscious mind suffers, the subconscious mind cannot differentiate. It would give such consciousness poverty all day long. Well, same with our ladies … especially the ones with more physical feminine energy i.e. they have more defined feminine shape and beautiful faces. They always fall for the bad guy, the wrong guy … lol … they can’t help it. The good guy who will do her more good has no chance. He is too timid … unlike the bad guy. The good guy will ask, what does she see in him? Trust me, she isn’t seeing anything but she is feeling everything.

Still on feelings, for the subconscious mind, feelings are like information tickets to do something and not feelings per se. It is the conscious mind that feels. For this reason the subconscious mind doesn’t really know what feelings are. When it feels, it interprets that has the moment to do something. So a woman, who is the physical embodiment of the subconscious mind, cries when she is sad, jumps all over the place when she wins, takes a lot of pictures when she is happy with her new hair or her new clothes. This actions have been wrongly labelled as emotional. True emotion can never be expressed … no matter how hard you try. It can only be felt.

Because of this characteristic, the subconscious doesn’t really know what love is. To the subconscious, love is simply a piece of information that needs to be processed. For this reason a woman doesn’t usually chase the man. The man, in most scenerios, does the chasing. But once he is successful in winning her heart, she then falls in love with him – she interprets the information she is collecting from the guy has love. She knows the guy loves her because he takes care of her, remembers little details, etc. As long as this information keeps coming, she will define it as love.

The more the conscious mind wants something or feels needy, the harder the subconscious works to keep it that way i.e. keep the conscious wanting and needing. As explained above, the neediness and want is the strongest consistent feeling. The subconscious gives that which the conscious mind focuses on and expresses this physically with how girls always says no to the guy who is needy or how guys always feel trapped in a relationship where the girl is needy … but mostly girls.

The subconscious is more intelligent than the conscious mind from the beginning. Usually the conscious mind picks up learning how the subconscious works, unconsciously but mostly it remains oblivious to the intelligence of the subconscious mind. Physically, girls grow faster than boys and hence become more intelligent. Usually boys grow up eventually and begin taking responsibility. Mostly, however, the man never really grows and if the woman relaxes enough to harness her inner intelligence, she can choose exactly how she wants her man to be. This intelligence of the subconscious is truly subtle so that the conscious mind doesn’t know anything. It is so subtle that if the subconscious wants anything, it makes it look as if the conscious mind wants it. If you are lady, you will notice how unnatural it is to simply tell your man what you want since it leads to tension 100% of the time. The firmness belongs to the man or to the conscious mind. Use your own power. It is actually your power that moves the process of evolution. The subconscious mind is responsible for the successful forming of your body in your mother’s womb, taught you how to crawl, saying your first da-da or ma-ma, stores and processes all information you receive, etc. As a woman, you have so much powerful potential … just don’t try to be like the man.

Whenever you see a successful person, his/her subconscious has created all that success. The conscious mind did invest in his/her subconscious though.

The subconscious mind is never straight to the point. Where is the fun in that? It loves the drama … hence, the craziness in the world today. When you learn how to manifest what you want, you will notice how the subconscious works. It is never straight forward … it always comes in ways you never expect it. This applies to both male and female. Learn to simply trust your subconscious. Men, leave the ladies alone, let them act their drama … learn to even love it.

Finally but certainly not the last. To get all the affection and submission of the woman, a keen attention to what she says, how she said it, what she likes, important calender dates, her friends, etc, is needed. So it is with the subconscious mind. What is around you at this moment, is there because the subconscious mind created it. A sense of “alert awareness” to everything around you at this present moment will make the subconscious “fall in love” with you. There is no where else the subconscious is but in this moment. Ignore it and you might just have a miserable life … I’m referring to everyone that has a subconscious mind now … and specifically to guys with their partners.

95% of the time, girls leave a guy, not because of the future the guy seems not to have. They leave because the guy didn’t give her attention. Remember, the subconscious doesn’t know what love is. Hence, it constantly needs the information to make sure it is still been recognized. A marriage becomes a boring routine when the guy stops to pass the information to his wife.

Wow. This is longer than I expected. We’ll talk about the conscious mind in the second part.

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