Life Without The Ego

Let me paint a glorious scenerio for you, shall I?

Without the Ego, there will be no judgment. Without judgment, there will be no fear. Without fear, there is no self identity. Without self, there is nothing to achieve or protect. Without nothing to achieve or protect, there will be no systems (government, school, religious, etc) for achieving or protecting anything. Without systems, there will be no money.

What will be left is pure love and a desire to experience more. With this comes the business system. A system without an ego is a system of true love.

The Beings who prefer to manage these systems will do it because they enjoy doing it. Business systems will be all over the place. When one type of system becomes outdated, the managers of such system can easily stop working without any fear. They go to the mall to get what they’ll eat without money. The Beings who are happy farming would have harvested their produce and sent them to the mall without a need for money. The Beings who loves computer gadgets can easily go to a gadget store, pick whatever they need to pick and leave because the Beings who enjoy creating gadget are doing it happily without the need for compensation. Those who enjoy fashion and creating dresses will create new fashion and simply display it in the boutique without the need for advertising and reaching more people. The Being is fulfilled just making them. Once it is on display and on their website, that’s it. Beings looking for something new can go into the boutique and pick any dress they want and go their way. There’ll be more SMEs and less giant organizations. Pharmaceutical and Pornography organizations will become simple business and not the giants they are today. People will live healthy and happy life … hence, no drugs. Since there is no self, people would freely enjoy sex. You only need romantic love for sex. Nothing else. There is no ego to soothe. Your partner is not there to complete you. Depending on the desire of the Beings, they can choose to do anything, with just love and no judgment. There is no self to be judged.

A guy and girl, a guy and two girls, two girls and a guy. Whichever way. Those having sex will do it based on understanding and love. There’ll be no marriage nor commitment. The desire to own another human will cease to exist. If your sex partner chooses to go do some other thing or be with someone else, which will rarely happen, a simple discussion to know where one’s at is all that is needed. No fight, no, ‘he/she just left me’, no, ‘I’ll show him/her’, no, ‘how can you say that? Am I not good enough for you?’, no possessiveness, no victims, no heartbreaks. Rape will be unheard of. No feminism, no toxic masculinity. Everyone is perfectly satisfied in their own skin.

The Beings in this reality would have mastered how creation works and the understanding of the laws, the true laws, of the universe. Mastery of the law of attraction would have been accomplished before anyone turns 5. Those who then desires to go deep into spirituality will be able to manipulate matter effortlessly. When people go to see those, who choose to be magicians, they wouldn’t go just to check out what he can do. Rather, they will go to check the Being’s imaginative skills and how deep he can imagine. In this world, anything is really possible.

Creativity will be the order of the day. We will be creating out of love without any competition. Since there is no self, no one will hide their ideas. Better yet, there will be more collaboration when creating something new. Everyone will be equal in everyone’s eyes.

The idea of going to war or killing each other to get something will be absolutely barbaric. It wouldn’t make any sense. Why would you want to lie or steal? What are you stealing? If there is something you need, just go and take it. All things are yours. You wouldn’t “want someone”. You will feel absolutely complete within. Since there is no self, there is no self preservation. Without self preservation, there is no gluttony, envy, jealousy, wickedness, competition, manipulation, lying, fighting, etc. There is just love.

Those who have the desire to be famous can easily be that. Those who prefer a simple life will have that. Those who want to lazy out will do that. Those who prefer to work hard will do that. Those who prefer to explore will do that while those who rather remain indoors will do that. But everything will be done in love.

Can you see how creativity and safe technological advances will be the order of the day? This is what awaits us in the 5D world or the “new earth”. To get there however, which is nowhere but here, you must be willing to sacrifice your Ego. If you sacrifice your Ego, your perspective to life will change. It is this change of perspective that will create the “new earth”. There is no Saviour outside of yourself.

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