A Story Of Ying Yang

It is not good that man should be alone. – Bible

A story of ying and yang.

In the beginning, there was Yng. Yng was everything. Yng was everything, so it was nothing. Yng then decided to experience itself as Yng. When Yng wanted to start creating, it looked for equipment around it to gather but Yng could not find anything. Anywhere Yng looked, Yng was looking right back at itself.

Once Yng realised this, an idea was born. Yng will use itself as both the tool and the creation. Hence, Yng succeed with its plan, it was then time to decide on which part Yng wanted to be and which part Yng wanted to be. Either the tool or the creation part.

So, Yng volunteered to become the tool, Yng would handle all natural and spiritual laws which Yng needs for creation while Yng will be the ‘experiencer’ of the creation. It is this part of Yng that gets to experience the unlimited awesomeness of Yng. So the Yng decided to name the two parts of Yng’s idea (thought – the original). He named the part working behind the scene, Ying … the absolute; while Yang is the name given to the ‘experiencer’ … the relative. In other for this to work perfectly, Ying must always realize it is Yang while Yang must always realize it is Ying. Hence, where you see Yang, you see Ying and since you cannot see Ying, it’s always almost easy to forget about Ying, the absolute. For this reason of being not visible, Yang forgets about Ying. Now, Yang was suppose to let Ying know what next it wants to experience and then Ying will go to work to create it. Unfortunately with Yang’s forgetfulness, Ying was forgotten. More unfortunately, Ying was always there creating what Yang focuses on. Even more unfortunately, Yang started focusing on all the wrong things – like it needs to do something to create the reality it wants. Hence Yang left the garden to start “tilling the ground”. Yang wanted to do the work of Ying in its limited experience. Since Ying was always still working, it simply kept on giving Yang the experience of doing to be … and multiplied it.

Yang suffering multiplied. Because it started doing to be, Yang had to separate what works from what’s not working. Slowly but surely he labelled what works as good and what doesn’t work as evil. The problem however is Yang is too limited and shortsighted to know what really works and what doesn’t the way Yng does. With this new characteristics of Yang came even more suffering for it. Since Ying does the best work of creating and Yang does a poor limited work, no major creation happened anymore. Yang depended more and more on intellect.

At last Ying decided to reveal itself to Yang. It did this by using Yang’s own tool, its intellect. It started by creating religions. The idea that there’s a being greater than the now fractured pieces of the Yang. Most of Yang believed this for thousands of years and kept worshiping this Being outside of them. Slowly but surely, with intellect and experience, fractures of Yang are beginning to see that Yang is Ying and Ying Yang. They are beginning, also, to realize that there is no they. There is only one.

Ying: Absolute, feminine energy, darkness, receptive, flexible, intuition, fast, back, subconsciousness, etc.

Yang: Relative, masculine energy, light, dominant, rigid, intellect, slow, front, consciousness, etc.

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