The Good Part Of Physical Death

Even thank death for its services then tell it you might not need it’s services any longer. This attitude to death is the attitude of the one who is awake.

Even thank death for everything it has done then tell it you might not need his service any longer. This attitude to death is the attitude of the one who is awake.


The helpfulness of death. Today I saw a very clear picture of the life of a woman who was very dear to me while she was alive.

This woman was flawless in character. A woman of high moral and morale even in pain. I never met a more hard working woman. Making money was very important to her. She found pleasure in simply making it and being independent. But her love for money didn’t create a black mark for her. On the contrary, you could she loved money in the most healthiest way and for all the right reasons … and she really worked for it.

For her to make more she had to be creative. She was very creative … and she loved God! Wow! Alot! She served God by being a minister for kids during the church services. If you know “what” kids are, you will know how very tidious a work it is. She did the expected shouting and jumping and running and warning … even in her sickness and in her much pain … till the point where she could not move again.

At 49 yrs old, however, she died. She lived a short life. I must say, the woman was very unconscious and very asleep and compared to most, one would say she really had it rough. In this picture, I saw the curve of her shoulder … like there was a heavy load on her back. I realize this symbolizes the heavy toil life had on her. Her pain was much and her suffering multiplied. Death mercifully took her. Death mercifully takes those who are unconscious away for a moment.

An unconscious person is one who cannot control their thoughts. Rather, the thoughts controls them and take the Being along for a tempting ride. It doesn’t matter where it leads. Of course, it does. It leads you straight to hell. In Proverbs, this knowledge was hidden in the story of King David warning his Son Solomon to stay clear from the strange woman. Let me bring that up.

Proverbs 5:3 For the lips of a strange woman drop as an honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil: 5:4 But her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword. 5:5 Her feet go down to death; her steps take hold on hell.

The strange woman refers to the untamed subconscious mind. Without consciousness, the subconscious mind will always take one for a deep ride. She is tempting and ‘sexy as hell’ you could say. She is the unconscious thoughts expressed in one’s head and as you know, you create your thoughts. When you are lost in your thought, you are no more the thinker, you are the thinking.

You see, the world of relativity and possibilities is this Ying Yang world. The world of duality. We are suppose to be moving along the middle pathway, that contoured line, where the Ying Yang becomes one. Those who are asleep however, gets drawn in by the Ying or by the Yang. Either way, they create a duality and hence cause pain for themselves. Depending on how much one is drawn by this ‘strange woman’, the Being suffers. Imagine if we found the secret of eternal life right now. Imagine the suffering of a man who has heart disease or a severe back pain and then cannot die and doesn’t have enough medical funds for sessions and treatments, so he is in so much pain without knowing that what generated the heart disease or his back pain was nothing outside, but simply his thought about it. He doesn’t know he can choose to change what he is experiencing at any time. He has been taught what you see is what you get, instead of, what you think is what you get. So he thinks and thinks and thinks … or rather he is being carried along by his thoughts like the way a man is carried along by a “sexy” woman who is not his wife.

Oh my god. This back pain. (He notices her curves).

What will I do, its so painful. I don’t have enough. Why is this happening to me? (He enjoys the music in her voice even though somewhere deep, he knows it is wrong but it feels so good).

This is bad. This is bad. This is bad. (He enjoys the touching of her body and the flavor of her lipstick).

So does the subconscious do, simply carrying billions of human Beings along it’s path (ying or yang). Leading them directly to hell and death.

yiinnnng yaannnng baby!

The black in the white and the white in the black can be considered as a black hole. It is the point of death and rebirth. When a child is born, depending on which side has the most pull, he grows to become unbalanced.

Like this.

This gift of the physical death stops the suffering for a period of time since you are an eternal Being and cannot die. You only think you can.

Why do good people suffer? People have asked this question for centuries. Here is the answer. Good people suffer because they think they are good or they think they know what good is. For you to think you are good, you must think something or someone is bad. For you to think you know good, you must think you know bad. Hence your battle for Being good begins. Fighting against the other half, which is essentially you. Your fight against what you label as bad attracts more of what you’ve labelled bad. Your fight to attain what you’ve labelled as good is also a fight to reject what you’ve labelled as bad and if you notice, everyone is fighting for or against something. Personally and collectively. STOP ITT!. JUST BE!

Oh my God. Sickness is bad. Please God, save me from this. It’s going to kill me. This is bad.

This woman that I knew so dearly allowed so many negative thinking carry her away. Negative thinking is when your thought are on steering wheel. Positive thinking is when You are on the steering wheel. (Pardon my use of the word negative and positive. Please note that those words does not suggested one is good and the other evil). It is so common in our world today to be in our head continuously until we either sleep, die or fall in love i.e. if the person had truly fallen in love.

Negative thinking is when your thoughts are on the steering wheel of life.


To live a balanced life, you must be completely satisfied and fulfilled just being YOU. Not the you you can see. The you that YOU know yourself TO BE.

For example:

You know yourself to be a woman. Be complete in it. You know yourself to be poor, that’s it, no problem. Do you prefer to know yourself to be rich? If you know yourself to be poor and you prefer something else, instantly become that thing. You know yourself to be sick and that is very okay at this moment but if you prefer something else at this moment, simply be it. To be completely satisfied in who you are at this present moment is the secret that stops the excessive thinking and puts you back on the wheel.

Go back to the center. That’s where the garden of Eden is. In there you’ll find the tree of life.

Ladies and gents, the illusion of death has serve it’s purpose … only to those who are awake. To be awake is to be completely satisfied with who you say you are at this present moment. To change who you are, simply change it at this moment without waiting for anything outside to change. To do this well, you must visit every aspect of who you say you are and be completely satisfied with it at this moment. Become satisfied with this change inside and there’ll be nothing to fight for or against, there will be no need to get lost in your thoughts anymore. You already are what you want to be. You already have what you say you want. What else are you thinking of? Wouldn’t you rather rest?

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